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(Fallout: The Mid-West) Main Character! by StantheSpider (Fallout: The Mid-West) Main Character! by StantheSpider
Fallout: The Mid-West Main Character!

Name: Rusty LenninRazor (Parents could figure out which last name to choose, so they combined theirs)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Attracted to: Ghouls, Humans, Synths (Gen 3)


[Mother] Jackie Razor (Ex-Raider and Ex-Gunner) {Ghoul}

[Father] Hank Lennin (OutCast Protector) {Human}


S: 7
P: 7
E: 6
C: 8
I: 8
A: 6
L: 5

Main Skills:

-Melee Weapons
-Energy Weapons/Science

Main Perks:
-Strong Back
-WasteLand Whisperer
-Lady Killer
-Robotics Expert
-Armorer, Gun Nut, and BlackSmith
-Scavenger and Cap Collector

Allied Factions:
-Western BoS
-Mid-West Outcasts

Enemy Factions:
-Eastern BoS


-A Pre-War Gauss Rifle
-A Modified Plasma Rifle
-Jingwei's Shock Sword (I think that's what it's called)
-Trench Knife
-And finally his trusty Laser Pistol named "High Noon", has a 5% chance to instantly kill a target in VATs.

-Old Heavy Gunner Combat Armor
-Winterized Combat Armor
-Pre-War Winterized T-51b Power Armor

A little info:
"Rusty is a charismatic and inventive young man , his main jobs are Scavenger and Pest Control, though he somehow is able to keep the local WasteLand WildLife away, he's well liked by many of the gangs of raiders and gunners that live in his city."

City Born in: The Remains of the City of St.Louis, though it's new name is "LouisVille"

Info about the City: LouisVille was occupied by a gang of Raiders in its early days. Over the years, gunners began to move into the loosely organized city as this caused conflicts, soon Triggermen moved in, which furthered conflicts, and finally a group of OutCasts entered the city, which would've caused hell, until OverBoss Gutter (A Older fella from Louisiana) Decided to open the city for these gangs, 3 years later, the city of LouisVille has appeared on maps. Now, you'd think a group of criminals running a city would be anarchy, but actually, it functions rather well. All four groups melted into one large society of outcasts and criminals, many named the city "The City of Thieves". 4 "Mayors" run the city and keep themselves from killing each other, each mayor from one of the groups. The Mayors soon began to see a increase in demands to let Outcasted NonViolent Super Mutants, Ghouls, and synths. After another few months, they accepted them into their city. LouisVille is very large and heavily protected by all the groups, making this place just as secure and comfortable as Diamond City.

Friends of Rusty:

-A Pack Animal Raider by the Name of "Kitten", she's quite wild, but fun to be around and knows her way around the wild. She's 18 years old.

-A Gunner named Benny Jr, said his father was a big shot in Vegas, though this rumor has yet to be validated. He's about 19 years old

-A Super Mutant named "Kreg", he's rusty's scavenging buddy, he protects rusty while he scavenges.

-A Synth named "Silvia", she's designed to be in her 20's as some of the false skin on her face and arm is gone, showing the robotics, but rusty doesn't mind. She's roughly 21 years old.

-A Ghoul named "Lilith", she sounds rather normal, though she looks slightly similar to most ghouls, she at least has more human-ish features. She's one of rusty's closest friends, and she's about 20 years old.

-Finally, he's made friends with a Raider named "Napalm", he's around 19 years old and knows how to use a flamer and lives in a abandoned Forgery Outside the city limits.

Fallout series belong to Bethesda! This is just a fan thing!
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