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BioShock Ocs- by StantheSpider BioShock Ocs- by StantheSpider
Name: Joshua Laker (Or Little Sisters call him "Sir Joshua or Sir Lancer)

Big Daddy Type: Knight Big Daddy

Knight Big Daddies: Once a joke design made by a young child, some blockhead decided to create a big daddy that's capable of plasmids and carries around a heavy crossbow like weapon that's mounted to the left arm. It's other hand has a detachable drill and blade that's holstered to the right side of the suit. The subject within the suit is a teen boy named Joshua Laker that was caught with contraband ADAM and EVE and a young girl that was reported missing weeks before hand, reports said he stole her because she was his sister and didn't want her to be turned into a little sister. The said blockhead was soon fired after creating said creation without permission and for creating a big daddy from a human subject, as we know how human subjects were used during the alpha series....

Weapons: CrossBolt, Drill, Plasmids, Sometimes uses other weapons.

Design: The Lights are inside the visors of the helmet, a speaker attached to it as well to help with communication. The suit itself is very threatening to many as its capable of fighting off normal bouncers, elite versions are capable of taking down the knight.


-Joshua is rather calm at times, but a ferocious fighter that can take down a horde of splicers.

-The Little sister "Mary" is actually his sister and she's quite dangerous as she was taught how to use a gun. Mary is often nicknamed "Little Lamb" after her favorite nursery rhyme.

-The Visor has more color lights than other big daddy's.

-The Plasmids he uses are: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Bees, and Telekinesis.

Little Sister

Name: Mary Laker (or Little Lamb)

Age: around 10-11

Weapons: Pistol and Splicer Hook

Bio: The sister to Joshua Laker, she was turned into a little sister after she was retrieved when Joshua Laker took her, soon making him her big daddy protector.


-She's rather Aggresive with new people and can take down at least 4 splicers with her training that was given.

-She's quick and has good aim.

-She always is watched by Joshua.
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