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Ben and Malinalii  (PvZ) by StantheSpider Ben and Malinalii  (PvZ) by StantheSpider
It was a miserable afternoon in the Rockies, the sun blaring brightly on the desert like land as Ben watched on from his post. His Tri-Cob Mini-Kernal Gun on his back as he watched figures from the distance begin to walk towards him. This was the normal as his outfit made him look like he was in the Z-Tech allied group "The Raiderz" but in reality, he was a Rocky Rebels solder. The figures were Z-Tech soldiers as they were taking a Plant Republic Mystic Sunflower by the name of Malinalli, as prisoner to Brainizar. Ben soon stood up as he carefully adjusted his weapon, not to show the cobs as he approached them.

Ben: "What're you fellas doing?"

Foot Soldier: "We have weed prisoner, we take away to prison"

Centurion: "Yea! We get big brainz for Head Doctor!"

Ben looked at the Flower, who was badly injured as he looked at them, then before they could realize it, he knocked them down with a rough tackle. The flower fell over from the knock back as the zombies groaned, soon Ben took out his weapon as the cobs began to turn rapidly, soon kernals began to speed right for them as they began to run away! "You Z-tech punks better get lost! And stay out!" Ben shouted as the weapon began to cease its fire, and soon stop.

Ben looked at the mystic flower as she stood up, her eyes looking at the large zombie as he finally spoke. "You're welcome" his voice was low, but loud enough for her to hear as she smiled a little. "Th-thank you" She spoke as he began to walk, soon she followed him as he climbed into the Rocky Rebels "DirtHog" vehicle, soon turning his head to look at her. "You gonna get in?" He asked as she soon climbed in, the two driving as she looked around.

"Where are we heading too?" She asked as Ben kept driving, soon responding as they saw a large Fortress. "We're heading to the base...Welcome to Scrapsville..."

megalon1337 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
Scrapsville?.....Is that fortress large?
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It takes up a chunk of a mountain, the main area was a Military base that Z-Tech messed up, then you have a MASSIVE mining facility Z-Tech left behind and below all that is the super secret stuff
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Woah!!!Sounds like they have fun!
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