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Aodh Campbell (Overwatch OC) by StantheSpider Aodh Campbell (Overwatch OC) by StantheSpider
OverWatch Oc

Name: Aodh Campbell

Age: In Human Years he's 27

Race: Omnic

Place of Origination: Scotland

OverWatch Agent Name: "FireBall"

Position: Defense

Faction: OverWatch

Health: 250

Height: 5' 9


The Wielders Touch (300 Ammo): A Short to long range flamethrower, each mode takes different amounts of ammo. This weapon is attached to FireBall as it can be used to fire long range fireballs and a short range fire stream. The Fireballs do major damage if a direct hit is made, and does minor splash damage to surrounding players if they're near, (The splash damage being 2 Genjis wide and 2 Genjis long). The flame thrower is similar to Mei's weapon, but instead of freezing the longer the target is shot, the more damage is caused. If an enemy does get away the enemy will have to deal with a burn effect. The fireballs do fire moderately slower, but can be good for crowd control.

(Ammo Consumed per mode)

Fireball Lobber: 50 Ammo
Flamethrower: 1 ammo per second used


Fire Lobber/Flame Thrower switching

Molotov: Throw a Molotov to do fire damage to a crowd! (The effect lasts only 6 seconds, recharge is 10-12* seconds to reduce spamming)

Fire Jump: launch yourself a few feet to reach destinations faster! (2 charges, 10 seconds to recharge each one)

{ULTIMATE} Forgers Fury: "Unleash the inner depths of fire and have your whole body engulfed in flames, making your flamethrower to do more damage and you're invulnerable for a few seconds after the ultimate starts. Ultimate lasts 10-12 seconds.


Healing: "I'm needing repairs doc!"

Thanks: "Thanks Mate"

Hello: "Hello!"

Ultimate charge:
"Forgers Fury is charging!"
"Forgers Fury is almost charged!"
"Forgers Fury is ready to burn!"

Quote when ultimate is used:
(Allies) "IM READY TO BURN!"

Quotes I made:

"Out of the frying pan..."

"And into the fire!"

"Ah, I remember the good old days"

"I'm Scottish, not Irish!"

"Gonna wield you a new one!"

"Oooooh? You think you're sooooo great because you have somewhere to be? Well me too!"

(Kill lines)

(Bastion) "That's for giving us omnics a bad name!"
(Torb) "Burn you racist dwarf!"
(Soldier 76) "Can't see when I've toasted you to a crisp!"
(Reaper) "Burn! Burn! BURN!"

Encounter Lines:

(Zenyatta) "Thank you, without your wisdom I'd probably still be forging in a scrap house..."

(JunkRat) "Oi! You're the scoundrel that tried to steal from me JunkYard!"

(Genji) "Oh stop your whining, at least you can show emotions without yer mask!"

(Bastion) "I ain't talking to you, your "friends" gave us omnics a bad name..."

(Torb) "Run That racist comment by me again..."

Short Bio: During the Omnic crises, many omnics that were created for manual labor were fired and destroyed, one of them almost being Aodh, a wielder Omnic that was created to help build more Bastion units. When the Omnic crisis stopped, he was mistreated and basically treated like an outcast, forced to work at a junkyard. He was miserable until one faithful day, a monk Omnic found himself inside the junkyard.

"Oi! What're you doing here? This junkyard ain't open!" Aodh said mildly irritated as the Monk floated closer, and looked at the Omnic. "You seemed troubled, I sense great discord within your soul." The Monk Omnic and him would stay there the whole day, chatting and discussing over life in a whole, and the Iris.

The Monk Omnic opened up Aodh's eyes, and he now wishes to help, even if he's seen as a threat or danger.

Drawn by the AMAZING MegaboatmaN
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017
Poor bastion.
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