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3 Fallout characters (My characters) by StantheSpider 3 Fallout characters (My characters) by StantheSpider
Fallout belongs to Bethesda

Here are my 3 Fallout Characters!

Wilhelm, The Knight of the Commonwealth: "Wilhelm is a retired BrotherHood of Steel Knight, he's a rather nice guy! He has a knack for Pre-War Tech and follows the Old BoS virtuous, and carries a large sledgehammer like weapon, it's carved from a stone block from one of Washington's Monuments! The steel blades are from countless sword tips he's added into the stone, and his armor is X-01 Power Armor colored with a titanium shielding paint and the helmet is a specially fashioned T-51 power armor helmet that has a tracking attatchment and a special V.A.T.S system. Wilhelm is about 57 years old, but even if he is old, he can still show you a can of whoop ass!"

Miho, the Huntress of the Nevada: "Born to a family of hunters and couriers, she was skilled from her childhood how to survive off the wasteland, and knows how to keep her cool in situations. Her father gave her a gift before she left for her job as a courier, her mothers sword. The Katana was passed down from generation to generation, it gives her the courage to keep going, and even if she was shot in the head and survived, she still watches her surroundings. Her favorite weapons are her Modified Varmint Sniper, a modified 9MM Pistol, some mines and traps, her Broad Machete, her "Trophy" Thermal Lance, and not to mention her family's katana. She's around 28 years old, 21 when she was a courier in the Nevada. Her necklace is made out of Blue Star Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle caps, and she considered these a "Reminder" for those who killed for these, the prize for these caps? Well...she wishes not to discuss it..."

Sgt.Jack, Veteran of the Wastelands: "The oldest of the three, he's roughly 153 years old, meaning he was only 37 when the bombs dropped...he was the lucky bastard that got turned into a ghoul, and soon wandered into the wasteland...he's filled with stories from his time as a ghoul, the Fall of the Master, the rise of the enclave, the fall? Of the enclave, the Casinos of New Vegas, and the fall? Of the institute. He's skilled in all sorts of combat, and is said to be one of the few ghouls that have even survived for as long as he has!"
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