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wario by MegaboatmaN wario :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 10 3 Mad Max and Ruby by Nyanbonecrush Mad Max and Ruby :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 19 12 bow wow by HumbleCherry bow wow :iconhumblecherry:HumbleCherry 66 13 The Plants! by ZomingtonII The Plants! :iconzomingtonii:ZomingtonII 8 3 Hambone! by ZomingtonII Hambone! :iconzomingtonii:ZomingtonII 5 6 Rookie O.C (New Ref) by AlanMarsters Rookie O.C (New Ref) :iconalanmarsters:AlanMarsters 13 11 Marty the Martian by Picklecakes Marty the Martian :iconpicklecakes:Picklecakes 14 3 I Want You in the Kingdom of Tyrants... by MegaboatmaN I Want You in the Kingdom of Tyrants... :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 9 5 The Kingdom of Tyrants Reveal! by MegaboatmaN The Kingdom of Tyrants Reveal! :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 10 1 Villains and Heroes by Indra067 Villains and Heroes :iconindra067:Indra067 8 6 Ella Reference Drawing And Drawing Notes by ProphecyVII Ella Reference Drawing And Drawing Notes :iconprophecyvii:ProphecyVII 9 6 [OFF OC] Goaltender by ChesterPalm [OFF OC] Goaltender :iconchesterpalm:ChesterPalm 34 7 Stanly Steamer 2018 by MegaboatmaN Stanly Steamer 2018 :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 11 1 Minecraft Iron Golem by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Iron Golem :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 30 5 A Quiver To Arrows: Whatever you say Wasp by Guyver89 A Quiver To Arrows: Whatever you say Wasp :iconguyver89:Guyver89 192 6 Hey hey hey by HumbleCherry Hey hey hey :iconhumblecherry:HumbleCherry 38 17


{PvZ} Plant Character Collection (Head Busts)
Plant Character list (not all are here, just most, almost all (except one) are in the UPDF)

Line 1: Flamina, Agent Cam, "Quick Trigger" Willa, Bullseye, Madam Moon, Wic, Dr.Elec, Private Valia, Officer Stuffy.

Line 1 Variants: Fire Cactus, Future Cactus, Bandit Cactus, Jade Cactus, Zen Cactus, Fire Flower, Electric Flower, Vampire Flower, Stuffy Flower.

Line 2: Snapper, GlitchHop, Punker, "Sly Eye" Pluto, Sir FlamesWic and Sir Glacier, Prof. Moss, Prince Puma.

Line 2 Variants: Chomper, Hot Rod Chomper, Toxic Chomper, Armored Chomper, Fire Pea and Ice Pea, Rock Pea, Pops Corn.

Line 3: Dr.Cloak, Madam Magic, Princess Itzel, Mei, Sunada, Venus.

Line 3 Variants: Kernal Corn, Rose, Fire Rose, Ice Rose, Party Rose, Nec' Rose.

Line 4: (Plant Republic) TimberTon,
(UPDF) "Tundra", "X'eli"

Line 4 Variants: TorchWood, TorchWood, Plasma Wood

Boss Line: Banshee Pepper, "Helix" the Royal Hypno Flower.

Nyanbonecrush MegaboatmaN MKBrony Canvasbirdie QueenZombia
{PvZ} Dr.Savage and Dr.Neon
Meet Dr.Savage and Dr.Neon

Dr.Savage: "Dr.Savage was once a Zoologist for a small experimentation of a new formula being made, but after a nasty lab explosion, the formula caused his DNA to fuse with multiple different strands of animal DNA, causing him to turn into a monster, though his body is changed, his brain and intelligence is still intact, he happily followed Dr.Shardenfroid and would soon join him with joining the UPDF, and becoming the head of alien animal biology, he's insanely strong and can get vicious if anyone hurts his friends or loved ones, he also can talk to many animals."

Dr.Neon: "Dr.Neon was a Chemist that worked in the same lab as Dr.Savage, and was experimenting on the new strange formula with different chemicals and compounds to get reactions. Due to the same lab explosion, his body was completely changed into a strange purple sludge, as his head emits a strange form of neon, which glows a soft purple glow, but can change colors, his body can change into different chemicals in a gaseous form, and can use it to defeat his enemies. He also followed Shardenfroid and Dr.Savage, which he also joined the UPDF as the new chemist in the labs, and he's a damn good chemist too."

Shardenfroid belongs to MegaboatmaN
{PvZ} Zombie Character collection (Head Busts)
Here's Zombie Busts, let's get down to business (Read Rows Left to Right)

Row 1: Marcus Slasher/"The Frankenstein", Ataruamterhemutranu, Joseph Laker, Jackie Chem., Dr.Fin, Prof. Chem.,

Row 1 Variants: Goalie Star, Baseball Star, Hockey Star, Scientist, Marine Biologist, Chemist

Row 2: Phil Driver, Larry Junk, Sir FreezerBurn, Randy Rambo, Sir Reginald, Capt. Chi, Angler

Row 2 Variants: Mechanic, Sanitation Expert, Arctic Trooper, Super Commando, Tank Commander, Captain Cannon, Captain SharkBite

Row 3: Chiachua, Superior BreakFast, Officer Fredrick, Mini Oden, Fen Finnen, Officer Marshal

Row 3 Variants: Captain Squawk, Breakfast Brainz, (Fan Variant) Riot Brainz, Pylon Imp, S.H.R.Imp, Z-7 Imp

Row 4: David Soar and King Submarine

Row 4 Variants: Flying Gargantuar, Deep Sea Gargantuar

Just my collection of zombies, lol

MegaboatmaN NamelessZea
Nyanbonecrush QueenZombia
[PvZ] The Regenade Imp and Nexus (Fan Variant)
"I was forgotten, ditched to the side! LEFT BEHIND!! I was going to be the greatest, but I was cast aside for mediocre Imps and Mechs...but I'm sure, all is forgiven...though...hehe...

I Have my own plans"

Edgy text is Edgy!

Anyways, you know ZeroxFusions new video about the Unused Mech? No? Well here…

Anyways, I decided to make a character out of it! And before I do that:


Anyways, let's get down to business!

Name: Renegade Imp (name by TyrantrumFlare , give them some love!)

Rarity: Legendary (though this is the only one, keeping this limited to this boi)

Health: 75

Variant: Electric

(Weapons) Tezla Tazers: These bad boys have a clip size of 16 shots, which have a charged/tri shot, what does that mean? Longer it's charged, harder those three shots hit! Also, worried about that arching damage? Don't worry, it'll transfer to others to!


Zom-Grenade: "This small little bomb is a pain in the butt to deal with, it takes the place of the imps gravity grenade and does more damage the closer to the blast you are! Great for dealing with crowds!"

Call Mech: need I say more?

Impkata: Need I say more?


Nickname: Nexus

Health: 500

Weapon: Rebellion Cannon (plus electric damage )

(Abilities) {The Explosive Escape is removed}

Missile Madness: "It's Missile Madness!"

Stink Bomb Strike: "Pesky Plants on your lawn? With this ability you can clear out an area in no time! It calls in 5 stink bombs to blast an area and make the plants scatter!"

Gravity Storm: "Plants really being pesky and keep running away in packs? Stop them in their tracks with this storm of 5 gravity grenades!"

Description: "Forgotten and Left Behind, the Renegade Imp is charged with vengeance and electricity!"

MKBrony NamelessZea Canvasbirdie QueenZombia Snarzer TyrantrumFlare
Side Note:

The Galactic war story will begin soon! Dont worry, it'll happen folks! I'm just preparing everything in order!
The Planet was a pure blood bath, the Shadow Empires forces slashed through the defending forces armies as they were the "Org Berries". The Org Berries were being slaughtered and killed faster than they could reinforce the lines as the leader of the Orgz laid massively injured and near death. Soon Emilia walked towards the injured leader as she stepped on his neck, pulling her gun out from its holster. The Leader tried to speak, but was cut off as she pulled the trigger and killed the leader in cold blood...soon one of her generals, General Cutter, would approach her as she looked at him. "What is it?" She asked as the mask on her face distorted her voice, making it sound harsh and booming as General Cutter responded. "The enemy is nearly killed off, many plea for their lives..." Emilia would shake her head as she put her gun back into her holster, and looked on towards the blood bath. "No mercy, no prisoners...all shall die.." General Cutter nodded as he walked off back towards the battle field. Emilia would turn her head towards the burning village as she looked around in disgust...

Hours after the blood bath, Emilia would head towards the main deck of her ship as countless soldiers and workers dropped what they were doing to salute to her, she flicked her wrist as she growled "Get back to Work" at the soldiers and crew members as they scurried to get back to work. She sat down in her commanders chair, soon a large and vicious looking chomper slowly crawled towards her and laid it's grey and black head onto her lap. She gently petted the Chompers head as she smirked under her mask. "Good girl..." She mumbled as the chomper hissed in a relaxed tone as Emilia would hear the door to the ships command center open. She would turn her chair as she looked at General Mauler, the chomper growled defensively as its serrated teeth glistened in the lights. "What is it General Mauler...I told you never to enter without calling the intercom first..." Emilia said this annoyed as General Mauler would kneel in front of her. "My seems that there's a Dreadnaught nearby...should we contact it with the fleet?" General Mauler asked as Emilia would furrow her brow beneath her mask as she turned the seat around, looking out the large window panes as she finally spoke.

"Yes, but make sure we are armed in case it's an enemy ship...and if it's the Dreadnaught I know of...we're going to be needing defenses..."

General Mauler nods as he left the room, the chomper would hiss and growl as Emilia placed her hand on its head. "Calm down killing...yet at least.." Junta would shake their head as Emilia grabbed a skull from neath the chair and tossed it across the room, causing Junta to chase after it like a ball.

(End of Part one!)

A little teaser for what's to come, and I'll be glad if you all would like to see more of this!



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