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StantheSpider's entry for DeviantArt Prom
Even though Skeeze is a demon/angel of laziness, and doesn't much like wearing suits and ties, for his girlfriend Val, he'll set aside his pickiness and put on the only suit he has! His prince suit!


“For the pleasure of everyone here, you are invited to join this year’s Artists’ Prom [2018]!! Artists’ Prom is an online party made to join together everyone here in celebration of our common passion for art! May we be writers, drawers, painters, musicians; beginners or professionals- through love of what we do, we have all come here with beautifully unique aspiring dreams…And that’s worthy to celebrate! It is being hosted by ProphecyVII and Moderated by TyrantrumFlare and DingDongAnalog . For more information about the event, what it is, where/when it will take place, and how to join in on the celebration, please follow this link: {} . See you at the Prom!”



His date to deviantart prom is his girlfriend Val (Or my lovely gf ValerieTheValkyrie <3)
To anyone who wants to join the Supernova fight, DO NOT FIGHT SUPERNOVA NOW! Or I'll do something new, and have him learn if you attack him, making him much more difficult to fight
General SuperNova
"The end of the Milky Way..., even I must laminate on how the Galaxy shall fall to I! GENERAL SUPERNOVA!"

Name: General SuperNova

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Galactic Fleet of Infinity (Chaotic Evil)

Rank: Leader

Bio: "Not many know of the history of General SuperNova, but now many will regret crossing him..and his line of sight..... In due time you will know his reasons..."


The Infinity Arm: This arm is created to be the most powerful weaponized prosthetic in the universe, it was forged from golden Gnom-Metal, and is powered by powerful Time Shards, Nova Shards, and Infinity Shards, the hand is carved from Infinity rock, the fingers are held together by the power the user has, making it a powerful magic based weapon as well. After beating Alexio, he stole powerful scrolls from his library, now because of this, he can use the power of space Manipulation, Time Manipulation, and magic to his advantage.

The Gnome Gauntlet: This gauntlet is the most powerful weapon in the infinity zone, it can full shatter a gnome and corrupt them after resurrection, not only that, it can allow him to use gnome spells, like creating singularities, firing a massive damaging anti-matter beam, and can raise vanquished Zombies and Plants from the dead, including bosses! This also increased his strength ten fold, making him a deadly and powerful opponent to face against...


Infinity Pillars: These Pillars can be used as a defensive spell, and as a offensive, this spell can raise massive sharp pillars of infinity rocks, those of which are extremely hard to break...

Summon the Vanquished: Can raise Tombstones and Gardens to create swarms of vanquished plants and zombies, bosses also, Vanquished Plants and Zombies have special uniforms.

Decoys: He can clone decoys of himself, and create massive zombies and plants to use at his disposal.

The Fires of Infinity: "It can scorch the earth, and burn the toughest of foes.."

Portals: He can create portals.

And some others, you will find out soon enough...


Anti-Matter/Dark Matter/Singularity Orbs: Anti-Matter and Dark Matter Orbs so high damage, and chews through armor and shields...Singularity orbs are smaller than singularities, but still get the job done.

Anti-Matter Beam: "Fires a lethal and massive beam of Anti-Matter, many get destroyed by this beam alone..."

EarthQuake: He slams his fist into the ground, causing the ground to shake, harder the punch, harder the shake.

Infuse: He can infuse the power of Time Shards into specified targets, either greatly helping them...or lethally damaging them...

"Again, there are others..that you will find out soon enough..."

His known..Associates

Lucy and Creation 66, both of these zombies are the only zombies that willingly serve and help supernova, and are the most equipped and protected out of anyone else, they stay on the "Infinity Destroyer", SuperNovas Super Dreadnaught class vessel.

The most powerful weapon in his arsenal is of course, the "Planetary Cannon"...this weapon can completely destroy entire fleets, make planets get consumed by black holes...or completely destroy stars to create SuperNova Blasts....

*The radio would crackle, as any allied forces of the UPDF would hear*

"People of this galaxy, and other universes, I am here to declare that we, The UPDF will not allow this galaxy to be destroyed by this galactic tyrant! We will protect not only this galaxy, but many others! If we do not stop him, it will not only destroy this galaxy...but possibly the universe. You may be scared, but Fear is natural! Fear shall not make us feel helpless! We will over come this powerful force, and not only prove that we will not stand for Tyranny, but prove that we will do what it takes to protect our universes and other universes we call Home! I call upon you to help stop this threat, please, the Galaxy, and the Universe, Depend on it..."

*On all intergalactic radio waves*

"Scum and future slaves of my reign! If any of you even dare help Scar I will make sure that everyone and everything you love and hold dear be turned into intergalactic rubble!" *Sinister laughter is heard as screens are shown the power of his fleet..showing the destruction of a solar system*

"We request help! If supernova wins...he'll destroy everything..."

Canvasbirdie MKBrony
MegaboatmaN Tigerblitzpea215 Snarzer @Alanmarster Nyanbonecrush LunaMoonMags candiipineappl Indra067 ShadeKitsune123 QueenZombia
Epicling NeonPea theGreatPiratemousta PlasmicScourge
*Sees Mario world, a cast of colorful and happy characters*

*Pushes everyone out of the way* "I LIKE THOSE GUYS-"

*Points at Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi*
The Planet was a pure blood bath, the Shadow Empires forces slashed through the defending forces armies as they were the "Org Berries". The Org Berries were being slaughtered and killed faster than they could reinforce the lines as the leader of the Orgz laid massively injured and near death. Soon Emilia walked towards the injured leader as she stepped on his neck, pulling her gun out from its holster. The Leader tried to speak, but was cut off as she pulled the trigger and killed the leader in cold blood...soon one of her generals, General Cutter, would approach her as she looked at him. "What is it?" She asked as the mask on her face distorted her voice, making it sound harsh and booming as General Cutter responded. "The enemy is nearly killed off, many plea for their lives..." Emilia would shake her head as she put her gun back into her holster, and looked on towards the blood bath. "No mercy, no prisoners...all shall die.." General Cutter nodded as he walked off back towards the battle field. Emilia would turn her head towards the burning village as she looked around in disgust...

Hours after the blood bath, Emilia would head towards the main deck of her ship as countless soldiers and workers dropped what they were doing to salute to her, she flicked her wrist as she growled "Get back to Work" at the soldiers and crew members as they scurried to get back to work. She sat down in her commanders chair, soon a large and vicious looking chomper slowly crawled towards her and laid it's grey and black head onto her lap. She gently petted the Chompers head as she smirked under her mask. "Good girl..." She mumbled as the chomper hissed in a relaxed tone as Emilia would hear the door to the ships command center open. She would turn her chair as she looked at General Mauler, the chomper growled defensively as its serrated teeth glistened in the lights. "What is it General Mauler...I told you never to enter without calling the intercom first..." Emilia said this annoyed as General Mauler would kneel in front of her. "My seems that there's a Dreadnaught nearby...should we contact it with the fleet?" General Mauler asked as Emilia would furrow her brow beneath her mask as she turned the seat around, looking out the large window panes as she finally spoke.

"Yes, but make sure we are armed in case it's an enemy ship...and if it's the Dreadnaught I know of...we're going to be needing defenses..."

General Mauler nods as he left the room, the chomper would hiss and growl as Emilia placed her hand on its head. "Calm down killing...yet at least.." Junta would shake their head as Emilia grabbed a skull from neath the chair and tossed it across the room, causing Junta to chase after it like a ball.

(End of Part one!)

A little teaser for what's to come, and I'll be glad if you all would like to see more of this!



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Yo, Welcome to my page! I draw random stuff and write random stuff


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Orin has been keeping track of news reports of Dr. Melon and the others in his band of villains.
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*Orin would see a decline in the plant villains crimes, but a steady stream from the zombie villains*
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Geno: ey. I'm not one ta be so forward with this, Scar, but Fang's workin and you're the only one I can talk to about this. Remember those files?
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Scar: "Yes"
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Geno: there was this one subject known as "Subject 001". Quite the ferocious beast. Aggressive, intelligent, and a very fast learner. She would have a very scary habit of staring...
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Scar: "Yes, and what does that mean?"
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Fang: Scar? I f-found some files you might wanna see...
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Scar: "Oh? Let me see them" *he held the files as he reads through them*
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