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Inks & DIESSSS!!!!!!
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Dark and haunting, I like it. It matches his character well
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Lol great picture. I love the background.
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Such a great job. Wow, its so great!!
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"What you think of as pain is a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I... Am... Pain." Great work.. I like it very much... :D
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AMAZING! that had to have been hard! I'm doing a pencil drawing of him right now and the details are just frustrating. Diggin the background too!
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Did I mention I just love your Pinhead! ... Well, I did now.
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*shivers* brilliant :)
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Stunning! What an incredible atmosphere - I love the subtle colours in the background. :heart: The textures are inspiring.
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Great work! This captures all the darkness and horror that made Pinhead so terrifying...this makes me think more of Barker's original story, The Hellbound Heart, actually...and that's a compliment!

Again, this is a great piece!
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oh he has such sights to show you :) great stuff
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Thank you for this amazing picture... i adore Pinhead!
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The most amazing Pinhead I have ever seen.
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great work very impressive, the dark priest would be proud
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Pinhead Ruler of pain,death and the Hell we know of!!!
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Wow im soooo impressed... What dyes do you use if I may ask.... I love how they look.. +fav
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This is one of my favorite horror characters. Thanks dude!
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This is great! The use of inks and watery dyes would impress Barker himself, i'm sure. It's certainly how the Angel of Suffering should be...
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Wow, that's absolutely amazing. God, it's so much like Pinhead, that is definately being added to my favorites, excellent!
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just amazing work
an horror film taken to the extreme
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