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Photoshop CS5 and Wacom tablet. Photo is used for reference. I've changed her face a bit.

Model: Helen Lindes
Small reference picture: [link]
Closer shot but croped: [link]
Bigger but B/W: [link]
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May I use this painting for my book? I will give you the credits. Will be waiting for your answer!
Hi, I'm sorry for my late answer, but I'm not visiting the site regularly. I'll contact you in PM.
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Thank you very much!
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This is lovely, I'm jealous of your skill. How do you transition from the draft to colouring it as that is my issue at the moment?
Thank you very much!
About colouring - I'm using "PANTONE solid coated" from swatches. I'm taking 4-5 colours for skin tones and same for lips and hair. In this palette colours are nicely grouped and you can easily pick a combination. You can also take colours from reference picture. I'm painting roughly and decide if I like this combination or mood of the scene. Then changing colours if needed and continue with more precise strokes and blending. This is my process between sketch and colouring. Hope it helps you.
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Thanks and yes its a start for me. I am finding that my colour seems more like a 5 year olds drawing but I guess its all about practice.....and some knowledge of PS! lol
Use more vivid colours and don't be afraid to experiment. Practise is truly essential.
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Beautiful. I love her eyes. Nice job.
Thank you very much!
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Well done. Who was the original model?
Thank you!
I found the picture in a forum. At first I didn't know who she is. But today I found her name - Helen Lindes. This is her site - [link]
A bit closer look - [link]
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Thank you for taking the time to show me this. Wow, her eyes are amazing, I've never seen any quite like hers before. Here am I thinking you were taking an artistic license but wow. Anyone who's seen my gallery can tell I have a fondness for a Woman's eyes.
You are welcome! I agree, she has unique eyes.
You have indeed beautiful eyes in your gallery. I particularly like this - [link] and this lovely girl too - [link] [link]
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nice work!!!!
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very nice work, especially amazing hair
Thank you very much!
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