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February 28, 2012
SUB-Zero by ~StanislavNovarenko
Featured by alexandrasalas
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Крутая Работа!

taylanwintersoldier's avatar
Sub Zero wins!

Flawless Victory!

Jabbersnatchs's avatar
I like your art style. It is really detailedand realistic
Raziyah's avatar
Sub Zero is my favorite character in MK. Amazing work. ^^
wife-of-foxy's avatar
Wow, amazing *_*
TurkishJade's avatar
did i already say it? if not, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Shwonky's avatar
Hell to the yes.
WheresAJacket's avatar
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SapphireCityMedia's avatar
Awesome. I can see death in his eyes. 
Natt-Art's avatar
Nice lights and shadows, I like the details as well.
CursedDesigns's avatar
aohoshi2008's avatar
Sub-Zero is next coolest X3
koibitoryu's avatar
you're an amazing deviant novarenko. balance of visual elements is amazing.
SubZeroAssassin's avatar
I wonder why I favourited this?
wolfclaw58's avatar
Damn it's soo good I don't what to say  I'm speechless
Arkhanjo's avatar
God Danmed!
This is fuckiing Brutal!
I love it!
This is dark, simple and clean! Just like the first MK games of the serie design!
Congratulations Man! You fucking Rock!
Take my Fave!
blacksaibot's avatar
This is just awesome... but the Samurai (Japanese) mask doesn't fit the (Chinese) Lin Kuei clan.
Заб зиро не носит маски гнева, устрашения. Он ближе к природе чем к людям или животным.
omg that is awesome love thanks
blacksaibot's avatar
that is fucking AWESOME... but the Lin Kuei are based in China. The samurai-esque mask is way out of place for him.
DavidRalphJ's avatar
Is this Bi-Han or Kuai Liang?
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