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My Bio

Welcome to my page!

My name is Stanley and I am not really a specialized artist.

I enjoys all forms of art. But I definitely draw more than anything else.

That´s because other materials for art are expensive and I don´t have the rooms to work with everything X3

Most of my stuff is digital or traditional because it is the easiest way for me to represent my characters and what they do.

I also LOVE other art forms and make new experiences and build new creations but I don´t have something like an athelier where I can live this out. I cannot do professional clay or wood work because I don´t have the tools nor the money for this.

Sometimes whenever I get the possibility to work at such places, I try to make something involving my characters.

Today I focus mostly on tokotas. They are a big arpg group and a fiction species who look like wolves. So most art you see these days is about them.

I also do commissions for other people and I am open for trades.

If you are interested into these, please send me a note or comment below, then I can show you my commission sheets with many examples and prices.

I also created an own fictional species, the Wieslis.

They are a hybrid species made of canines and mustelids (for example coyote x pine marten).

About me in real life:

I live in Germany

I am autistic (former Asperger's syndrome) so if you see me acting weird, you know why

I am transgender (born female but live as a male today with hormone therapy and all alike)

I don´t have a job atm and live with my mother. I am working at getting a job at a place for handicapped people because trying to work at a "normal" place ended up unpleasant so far whenever I have tried this.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Eberhofer Krimis
Favourite TV Shows
Der Bulle von Tölz, Hubert und Staller, Inspector Barnaby
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
PUR, Roxette + many other 80s and 90s songs
Favourite Books
various cooking books
Other Interests
collecting animal stuff like fur, feathers, art made of such things


Joyride : pixel icon

Quick links to my mostly used journals:

Activity result journal:

Tokota Activity Tracker

My Tokota Imports journal:

Tokota Imports I own

My Tokota genos:

My tokota genos and designed geno ideas

My breedable tokotas:

My breedable tokotas - general list and gene infos

All my tokota slots:

Tokota Slot Tracker - purchased slots

My tokota goals for 2020:

Tokota goals for 2020

Totem tracker:

Working my way up for totems

Tokota item list for my genos:

List of toko items I need for genos

My crafting mats list journal:

Ingrediences for special craftings

My special base tokota tracker list:

Special base coat toko tracker

My activity specialists:

Very specialized tokos list


Important for you!

general Tokota Geno design commissions - OPEN

10$ geno designs

Tokota HUs and Design edit service center - OPEN

HUs and design edits + redesign services

Easy to draw toko geno design comms - OPEN

5$ easy to draw designs

General commission Info and Price list

from sketch to cellshading and animation

Please send me a note if you are interested!

Pixel icon commissions prices and info

from pixel icons to bigger avatars

Please send me a note if you are interested!

My characters

ID 37802

Joyride was my first customized tokota. I wanted one with this look since a while and was a bit afraid of the use of "beauty-items" on this species but I did not regret it.

He is a specialized caver but also a superstar (not just in look!)

ID 5223

Jaguar is one of my newer explo specialists. I am surprised how fast he is rocketing to alpha atm.

ID 42081

Fireworks is my best explo toko. He isn´t that easy to draw, but isn´t he just pretty?

ID 5333

Bonnie BonBon is an older girl, who got a new life with me. I wanted a rare mane dire for a long time now and she was my first one which I got in a trade. She is a successful diver.

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HellusinationHobbyist General Artist
I was stalkin ya a lil bc I liked your icon, then I saw your art!! Good lord its so cute!! And I stalked more and saw the FB page, did you do the banner? it's gorgeous too! Your art is so cute and clean!!!even your tradish is GORGEOUS!! not fair I need a reroll on my artistic stat
StanHoneyThiefHobbyist General Artist

Thank you, I am really glad you like my art C:

Yes that banner was made by me, but the BG was originally a scene I saw from someone else. I just redrew it in my own version and with other brushes. I am not that good with backgrounds and can only do such cool stuff when I have inspiration. My backgrounds are usually more simple than this which you see on my gallery stuff, but all my characters are just drawn that way without any help.

HellusinationHobbyist General Artist

Hey! :wave:

Hope you're having a nice day! :meow:

StanHoneyThiefHobbyist General Artist
Hello, yes I do :)
BubbleDriverHobbyist Digital Artist
Bubble Mage by BubbleDriver emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver Salutations, random deviant ! Just dropping by to say hi! You have a wonderful gallery and style !!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver
Loganzilla97Hobbyist Writer
Love your JP toy raptor drawings! 👌