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Rains Corner

FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia Pure Fun by StanHoneyThief FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia
Rain is my main fursona and new mascot of my Wiesli and Wusli species dedicated group!
He is also the mascot of this account now.
You will eventually find some art you made of him here which is featured just for the pleasure of itself X3

Featured art:
Desktopbackground - on the wave by StanHoneyThief

A Rainbow for the pocket by StanHoneyThief Rain : mini pendant charm by StanHoneyThief :NF doll: - Rain by Little-BluBlu

Rain : comic bubble icon by StanHoneyThief Fat icon4sm by nevaeh-lee Blink Icon For Stan by CakeBatterStudios Rain rather complex icon by StanHoneyThief .:Art Trade:. I'm Rainbow cuz I like so by moved-thanks White outline icon by StanHoneyThief Rain : chibi icon by StanHoneyThief Rain : static pixel icon by StanHoneyThief Rain - Icon by Septiac GIFT : Rain icon by SPACE-85 by StanHoneyThief Rain : icon by StanHoneyThief Warm up by DreamyDoggo Rain : head icon by StanHoneyThief YCH Com- Rainbow by Jenny2-point-0 Rain : haunted icon by StanHoneyThief Rain : Fireworks icon by StanHoneyThief Icon for StanHoney Thief by NL-Lynx Surprised Rain Icon [Payment/Gift 1/5] by MaltaCloud Rain : black lined icon by StanHoneyThief Fractal icon - Rain by StanHoneyThief Face icon - Rain by StanHoneyThief Rain icon By Sweetbon3s by StanHoneyThief Rain By Mallardus by StanHoneyThief

Art Services and species

:bulletorange::bulletred: Ych Sticker 17 by TommyBoyio:bulletred::bulletorange:

Do NOT watch me when you are against:
- Muslims
- Jewish
- black people
- latinos
- homosexuals
- handicapped people
- transgender

Here you can find me too:………………

(if you see my name being used on another page, please note me here because someone could have stolen my identity!)

Plain Gray Commissions Button by neripixu

General commission info and T.o.S.…

Commission Info Journal with Prices and examples:…

:heart: My Wiesli species :heart:
The official Wiesli breeds species sheet by StanHoneyThief The Wiesli genders and markings - easy guide by StanHoneyThief The official species sheets!
Pupling Evolution sheet by StanHoneyThief Puplings are the baby form of Wieslis!
Wiesli-Wusli-Fans The arpg group :P

free donut icon by cremecakeThank you so much for the Support!

Wiesli and Wusli (I made them when I was 10)

FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia When a chubby runs by StanHoneyThief FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia
My oldest two original characters!
Wiesli refsheet - updated version by StanHoneyThief Wusli refsheet new by StanHoneyThief

Wiesli-icon by StanHoneyThief Wusli-icon by StanHoneyThief Wusli avatar 1 by StanHoneyThief :PC: - Wusli by Little-BluBlu YCH : pixel icon of Wiesli by Freak-of-adopts by StanHoneyThief TRADE : icon made by Space85 by StanHoneyThief TRADE : icon made by Space85 by StanHoneyThief YCH : icon by  Frxstbite by StanHoneyThief we rise and fall by SoulBirdAdopts Wiesli : head icon by StanHoneyThief Wusli : head icon by StanHoneyThief Commission For Sal-Ria by SwiftpawTheWolf Happy Birthday greasysalvador by Fun-Time-Is-Party Wusli : black lined icon by StanHoneyThief A weird night sky icon XD by StanHoneyThief

Wusli sculplush by StanHoneyThief Wiesli and Wusli Tiniest by StanHoneyThief Wusli Miniature OOAK by Killslay-steelclaw :payment: - Wusli by Little-BluBlu



:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletwhite: Joy by StanHoneyThief:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblack:

Main Tokos:

Bounty 35335 by TotemSpirit Diesel 36050 by TotemSpirit
More than you need 36785 by TotemSpirit ID 37802 by TotemSpirit
ID 38835 by TotemSpirit ID 39409 by TotemSpirit
ID 39000 by TotemSpirit

The active guys:
Bumblebee 3729 by TotemSpirit Bloody Mary 36697 by TotemSpirit
Saga 36696 by TotemSpirit Apollo 35868 by TotemSpirit
Fire 35869 by TotemSpirit Violetta 35810 by TotemSpirit
Foxley 36826 by TotemSpirit Tonkatsu 35167 by TotemSpirit
ID 39410 by TotemSpirit

The breeders:
Brushpaint 35870 by TotemSpirit Pumpkin Spices 36695 by TotemSpirit
Sky LeStray 36825 by TotemSpirit ID 38013 by TotemSpirit
Eisenglut 37522 by TotemSpirit Hallow's Eve 37523 by TotemSpirit
Pearl 37524 by TotemSpirit ID 38011 by TotemSpirit
ID 38012 by TotemSpirit November Rain 29370 by TotemSpirit
Ava Blueberry 31224 by TotemSpirit ID 38346 by TotemSpirit
ID 38601 by TotemSpirit Neptunus 9388 by TotemSpirit
ID 38905 by TotemSpirit

The oddies:
ID 38865 by TotemSpirit Never get enough 37554 by TotemSpirit

My tokotas are part of the following tribe



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


StanHoneyThief's Profile Picture
Stanley Schulten
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Welcome to my page!
My Fursona:
Official Refsheet - Rain the Wiesli species mascot by StanHoneyThief Abc Expression Meme with Rain by StanHoneyThief

I decided to make this guy my main fursona now.
However, He is my bae so please be nice to him :)

Name: Rainbow or Rain for short
Gender: male (but he is degraded, he basically has no sexdrive or sexual body parts)
Species: maned wusli (a hybrid of a fox and a fisher marten with genetical defect)
Age: young adult

More info about his personality, likes and dislikes, click his refsheet please!

What you can do with Rain:
- make CLEAN fanart, stories, giftart blah etc and so on

- claim as yours
- roleplay with him without my knowledge
- do offensive, delicate or fetishly arts of him without my permission
- draw him as anthro without my permission
- draw sexual content art of him
Thanks For Watching by StanHoneyThief


Anyone else having trouble to log in on
I tried this a couple times now since yesterday but it doesn´t work anymore.
I don´t think that they said in their news that they changed something, except that we shall use the net version instead of the .com version so I am rather confused.
I sent the group a note.

Precious little things <3

Piano is my foxfan sona
Piano the foxfan - Refsheet by StanHoneyThief
Stella is my tomboyish foxfan
Stella - Icicle Foxfan MYO - Refsheet by StanHoneyThief
Chesh is a mysterium
Refsheet - Chesh the foxfan by StanHoneyThief
Felix the loves morning dew
Felix the foxfan - reference sheet by StanHoneyThief
Orion the marble fox fan
Orion the Foxfan - Refsheet by StanHoneyThief

Character infos:

Stella is Piano's younger sister. Piano loves music the most, he can play piano actually and loves music where pianos are involved. That can be varios types of music, his taste goes more into the melodic ones.
Stella is actually a tomboyish girl who is into girls, but she is not transgender or so. She loves gemstones and collects those. She also loves to travel and has a few friends who share her interests.
Chesh is the mysterium of the foxfans. He often talks in riddles and never gives a clear answer to your question. Don´t believe it? Ask him something! But be careful, he can be really confusing and sometimes comes over as arrogant.
Felix is a true morning person. He gets up when the sun comes out because sunlight and song birds are waking him up and he loves to watch these things.
Orion is designed after an arctic marble fox. He has something mythic to him and with his golden eyes he literally can hypnote those who dare to look at him.

My Sooshes :P

Chico the sushi cat:
Chico the sushi cat - reference sheet by StanHoneyThief
Vivien the sushi "kitty":
Vivien the sushi cat refsheet by StanHoneyThief

Character infos:

Chico is a wise and honest character. He loves to sit around and answeres your questions without being arrogant or giving the listener a bad feeling. He loves to collect stones and gems and has the ability to talk with natural spirits. But he also has a passion for fruity ice cream!
Vivien is his "better half" and loves to play and do silly things. She loves parcouring and circus related games. She thinks she is related with a snow leopard.

Friends and Support

----------------:bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred: Running Tokota - Bounty by StanHoneyThief:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletwhite:----------------
Proud to be watched by
These guys need more support! I feel honored to be watched by them, they are great artists too, so please give them some love <3

.:Friends:. Profile Custom by komamei
These people supported me since many years in so many good and sometimes silly situations, they deserve more support and love also from other people, they are good and honest persons you can trust :)

:bulletorange::bulletred: out of the shadows by StanHoneyThief:bulletred::bulletorange:



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Hello I'm curious how much action figure cost !!!
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If not, that's alright. Thank you for your time! ^^
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Omg i just noticed that your breeding is next up to be rolled but youre missing the permission to the dam! You can still comment the perm on the breeding comment as a reply to it, before they start rolling again! So you dont go to corrections <3
This one:…
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Thanks for the llama! Want to see me draw something?
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