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Amaroq by StangWolf Amaroq by StangWolf
Name: Amaroq
Hatched: 1998
Age: 32
Biological Age: 16
Mate: None
Father: Lakota
Mother: Akema
Siblings: Shikoba (twin brother) & Latidema
Offspring: None
Status: Living

The age displayed is his age pictured as of 2030. He's 9 years (biologically 4.5) at the time of the story setting in 2007.

Amaroq is one of Lakota and Akema's first born sons, Shikoba being his twin brother. They're fraternal twins hatched from the same egg.

Taking his father's lupine appearance, Amaroq is not easily mistaken with his brother. He differs from his larger brother in personality as well, being more reserved and soft spoken for the most part. He's unabashedly a "momma's boy" and doesn't seem the least bit phased by any picking his sibling directs at him as a result. Their mother is just as much a warrior as their father after all.

He's also very unlike his brother in that he's much more cautious and doesn't always appreciate the things Shikoba gets their little rookery into. He loves his brother though and would go to the ends of the earth beside him even if he doesn't like the things they have to go through to get there.

He's very close to his rookery sisters, Aylen and Desta, the three of them often silent observers and followers to whatever adventure Shikoba decides to drag them into. He looks up to Sunder with high regard once the rogue and his two brothers start frequenting the clan's home.

Once his sister Latidema and her rookery are hatched he can be seen frequently spending time with the hatchlings, loving teaching them new things and spending time with them. Happy to keep watch over them for the adults whenever necessary. 

During the main bulk of the story he and his rookery are still very young hatchlings.

One of quite a few of the Gargoyle characters I've got designed as part of a story I've been fiddling with over the years. If things go well enough I may share bits and pieces of it or all at some point. I'm not very good at writing but it's a fun little side project to work on here and there.

I'll move this to scraps after a while.

Art & Amaroq © StangWolf
Gargoyles © Disney & Greg Weisman
Please do not redistribute, alter, reference, trace, or use my art in any fashion without my permission. Thank you! ~StangWolf
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