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Crash Bandicoot - Uka Uka Papercraft

Uka Uka from Crash Bandicoot

12 pages, 74 parts
Comes with a lined and non lined version

Aku Aku by LeTourbillonEnchanT :iconletourbillonenchant: you can get it >here<
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Excellent model! I would like to see the model of Aku Aku.
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Thanks, yeah Im working on that
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My brother has created this papercraft too. But he took Uka Uka from CNK and Twinsanity (your version is Twinsanity) CNK version is more detailed than the Twinsanity version.
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I think that the Twinsanity version is more detailed than the CNK one because Twinsanity was later released ant they improved the model.
Is there a way I can see your brothers one ?
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Uka uka is more detailed in CNK, Crash Twinsanity (even if it released later is less detailed -only on the masks, Crash is more sexy XD) but I noticed that you added a "3rd beard" on UkaUka. The model of my brother has relief behind the mask (the bones on the head are also relief) I think you don't have make " shell " on the mask,because the textures become invisible:/ (behind the mask)
My brother is editing Uka Uka (3 months ago), but It's not on the net yet. watch is Deviantart: :iconletourbillonenchant:
thanks for this model ^^
crash is my first game on psx :D
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crash was my first game too on the ps1
have fun building
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