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Harry Potter - The Finale

Portraits of Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes, A3, bristol paper, graphite pencils (2H to 8B), nearly 30h.

I and my generation grew up with Harry Potter, the books and then the movies. Now it's going to end, next week the last chapter will be available in cinemas. I wanted to celebrate this awesome saga with a last "portrait", and I thought this face to face between Harry and the Dark Lord would be a good picture for that.

So I finally finished it ! I began it one month ago... And it's over just for the release of the second part of the seventh chapter x)

Hope you like it !
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Oh my God
It is really nice
I love how have you been able to reflect all that beauty
you have true art
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Hi, Just came across your work.  Im currently looking for Artist to join my team to create original art for book covers.  I love your style and think it will really work with what im after.  Please have a look at my profile to find the the webpage it explains the projects and lists the books were covering.  Hope to hear from you soon.
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this is onz of your best
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You are very talented! Very beautiful drawing! :)
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Our parents were the Star Wars Generation, we are the Harry Potter Generation!
it sucks! Naaah, just kidding...It's AMAAAAAAZIIIIIING!!!!!!!! :D by a potterhead
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fucking hell, this is amazing.. o:
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this is amazing! it looks like a picture!
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Héhé, thanks !
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Speechless! It looks like a photo!! Btw, do you have the WIPs for this? I would like to draw this piece, and a step by step process would be good :) Thanks! 
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Thanks ! Sorry, I don't have a WIP for this one !
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I must compliment you...I thought it was a photo!   O.O
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i can't believe my eyes...
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