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Mass Effect - Secret Admirer 2
Author's Note: The Mass Effect franchise is both the property of Electronic Arts and Bioware. Additionally, this is an alternate timeline and reality of the Mass Effect universe borrowing from the original canon of the established franchise.
Mass Effect - Secret Admirer 2
The omni-tool of the Quarian named Tali'Zora nar Rayya beeped to get her attention. She was comfortably sitting on her bed in her tiny living space, like all other Quarians, aboard her home ship amongst the Quarian Migrant Fleet named the 'Rayya' while she was eating. Stopping her meal of dextro-protein paste in a ration tube she had connected to the emergency induction port through her mouthpiece of her masked helmet, Tali put away her food and lifted up her arm that held her omni-tool. Once illuminated, she began typing away commands on its keyboard made of light opening the browser window to see what calling for her. What she found made her smile if only her face could be seen through the tinted visor th
:iconstan4us:STAN4US 3 1
Mass Effect - Secret Admirer 1
Author's Note: The Mass Effect franchise is both the property of Electronic Arts and Bioware. Additionally, this is an alternate timeline and reality of the Mass Effect universe borrowing from the original canon of the established franchise.
Mass Effect - Secret Admirer 1
It was another day for the Turian police detective named Garrus Vakarian working at the C-Sec Academy of the massive space station and capital city of the known Milky Way Galaxy, the Citadel. Walking into his office to start his day of work, he made sure that he had the door to his room locked by the control of his omni-tool. It was required of him as an order by the Council ambassadors for his participation of a top secret protect by the Citadel races; the first thing he works on every day before getting his normal police work started. Garrus was chosen to do this, and not some one within the military of the Turian Hierarchy on the home planet of Palavan, due to his skill in being one of the best detective
:iconstan4us:STAN4US 5 9
Mature content
Gargoyles - World War 3 Ch. 5 (Pt. 2) :iconstan4us:STAN4US 4 13
Mature content
Gargoyles - World War 3 Ch. 5 (Pt. 1) :iconstan4us:STAN4US 2 10
Mature content
Gargoyles - World War 3 Ch. 4 :iconstan4us:STAN4US 6 38
STAN4US' Self-Collage by STAN4US STAN4US' Self-Collage :iconstan4us:STAN4US 63 70 Me and My Brother by STAN4US Me and My Brother :iconstan4us:STAN4US 4 15
Jane's Memoirs
Author’s Note: This fan fiction roughly is inspired from the Disney movie Tarzan. The dates mentioned are to pay tribute to the Disney’s movie day and year release. Only instead of the year 1999, it is 1899. Tarzan belongs to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Jane’s Memoirs
Diary Entries within Jane Porter’s Sketchbook
Arriving In Africa - June 18, 1899
This is my first chapter I ever written in my life to couple with my hobby of artistic hand drawings in this sketchbook. Before hand, writing and drawing were kept separate as I drew for fun while I written solely for my school’s journal assignments when I was a child. However, I am doing it now for the benefit of helping my father, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, to depict and record findings on our first scientific exploration of Africa in our shared cooperative profession in British science towards studying the simian species. Particularly seeking to trek towards an inland spot in the mo
:iconstan4us:STAN4US 29 34
ExoSquad's Pre-History
The Pre-History of the ExoSquad
It is the 23rd century, the Nano-Tech Age, which the previous 300 years has seen human civilization progressed in ways only people of the 20th and 21st centuries could only dream about. Revolutionary inventions and advancements in both genetics and robotics has forever solved the problems of human society and technology. This is achieved by the combination of human and machine in the form of a cybernetic-controlled, robotic vehicle-like tools call 'Exo-Frame Suits,' or E-Frames. The creation of the E-Frames contributed in making revolutionary achievements in science possible, such as operating easily in former hostile planetary environments of Mars and Venus to setup technologies that adjusted these planet's atmosphere and geo-sphere to be human-friendly or at least tolerable. Additionally, the world finally realized a complete peaceful unity of the human race with all their nations under the United Earth Federation government, or the UEF; formerly the 2
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STAN4US's Profile Picture
Charles Jackson
United States
Current Residence: Tamarac, Florida, USA
Favourite genre of music: A little mix of everything; mainly classical, jazz, Cajun zydeco, techno, rock & roll, R&B
Favourite photographer: My parents who had taken pictures of me and the family long ago. Rest in peace and happiness, Mom.
Favourite style of art: Western Animation
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player and Media Center
Wallpaper of choice: X-Men, Tarzan, Atlantis, Gargoyles, Medal of Honor, BloodRayne, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider
Favourite cartoon character: Gambit & Rogue, Tarzan & Jane, La, Milo & Kida, Elisa & Goliath with Clan, Demona
Personal Quote: There are a lot of fake people out there looking to stab you in the back. Be on your guard! Reward and give thanks to those who are true and loyal always to you.
Hello, everyone, and hope you have had a good holiday season as well a new year!

First thing before everything, I want to say I am extremely sorry for being completely absent for the past 2 years or more from all activities for the Gargoyles: Underground Warriors group and the stories of our original Gargoyles characters coexisting in my version of the Gargoyles universe. I made a terrible mistake. I took on a podcast project that begun to take much time from my own group, which I did not realize then, as I was seeking to support all of the Gargoyles fandom in its entirety back in 2013, and through 2014 and 2015 it had backfired into a long-term nightmare from treasonous trolls that once were some of my friends and partners. I was so emotionally wounded and constantly being attacked, I almost considered giving up doing anything anymore for Gargoyles. I tried to jump back in repeatedly, but I was too depressed and worried that I get back in only to bring the trolls after me once again. The trolling kept on making me feel my enemies badly wanted me to stay out of Gargoyles, and my will power of wanting to continue was too weak to get it going again. I needed time and peace to heal until I felt was safe and ready to try again. Originally, I openly joined the Gargoyles fandom to seek mental and social solace after my mom passed away some 5 years ago that I never got much support on as well even being a target by trolls for their soulless amusement, and do something fun to help make me happy from my struggle with deep depression and very low self-esteem. Plus, it was an act of demonstration to prove that any fan can be worthy and not some bug to be squashed by some want-to-be 'king troll' who hijacks a fandom to be his personal cult. Metaphorically, I was looking to be part of a 'clan' that would love and help me with what I could not do alone, and return that love however I could to all with appreciation. Looking back on my then rise into participating with the Gargoyles fandom seeing how the podcast project did so much harm to me despite some of the fun I had and turned people I thought were great artists into monsters, or at least blind fools easily swayed by monsters, I wish I never joined the show to begin with and worked with those individuals that lead to my downfall as well the changing of the show itself. But, I am still proud of my own stuff I have done so far with others who still like me before the podcasting spoiled everything. Thus, after the wait for the storm to have pass long enough and to recover from all the pain and failure I was enduring to the best of my ability, here I am now. Please, everyone, forgive me for abandoning you. If you cannot, I understand and graciously respect any wish you may have not to be in my group anymore, but I will do my best from now on to redeem myself to those who do and still have faith in me. Thank you.

Now, since I am back and have grown wiser and stronger from the tests put upon me, I am going to breath life back into all that I was doing for you fans and my own writings. This includes, most of all, new harder rules and the a heavy enforcement of them like never before! No more abuses and assaults to me and my friends and fans who still remain by my side by those who seek to be a troll or a parasite. No more going around my back to do things without my say so. No more ignoring my rules or sabotaging my works or those of others. NO MORE. You have any problems you have, please tell me as I would gladly wish to work on solving them. Otherwise, you do not like what I do or what the group does, please leave respectfully. If you just wish to be intentionally harmful in any shape or form, I will throw you out with DA administrators hot on your heels! I want this group to be safe and secure as well free and fun for all. This group is much as ours as it is mine and I will be DAMNED if I will let it be sacked and burned it like Rome as they have done to the rest of the fandom! They got their own groups and version of Gargoyles. Let US have our own! Screw them and how they want to force our characters and world into being theirs only through bullying. A detailed set of these rules will be written and posted soon as my second thing to do in making a come back here.

Now for the fun stuff. Besides my stories will be continuing once again, so will the 2 contests that I had left going forever. I wish be finishing them soon as well and seek to give you better rewards than previously stated for all those who participated in them. Additionally, the art gallery will undergo renewed reorganization as well, if need be, the staff membership. Just like before, I will see to it everyone gets to have a say of what to do for the group and try to get something to enjoy for everyone to do. People who have characters they wish to include in my stories will work with me on them so that both me and you are happy how it goes fitting into it. Last but not least, my character roster will return fully updated as well the previous chapters edited and returned for reading once more. Looking forward to a new and happy year with you all!           


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2,050 / 2,000
I respectfully and humbly wish for anyone who, from the bottom of their kindest helpful hearts, to donate DA points for me, please. It is not for my personal use, but for all those current members of my Disney's Gargoyles-based group on DA called the Underground Warriors Clan. The points are to be only and completely used as prize gifts for motivating people to participate in fun and constructive contests I establish in the said group. Please, for those who love Gargoyles, enjoy reading fanfiction and looking at art, or simply being charity-supportive, donate however much you like. 1, 5, 10, 50, or more points at a time is most happily welcomed. Thank you.

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