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Water gun fight!

By Stan-Ford
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Mabel and Dipper pines from Gravity falls having a water gun fight. This is inspired by the fanfiction "The Divide Between You and I". I jotted down some comments about the kids from Ford's point of view. I hope you like it. 5X8"
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This looks really cool! The writing looks interesting, I think I'll check out "The Divide" too!
I've been curious, what type of paper do you use, and do you alter it with anything?
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I use a watercolor wash. And "the Divide" is adult. I can't be responsible for advising little ferrets to check it out but I will not stop you. It was just a very cute scene. Ford was drawing the kids playing in his Journal. I HAD to replicate it. 

Thank you you for the comment. :3 
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Oh sounds cool! And totally out of my art league lol. Perhaps I'll try it when I have more experience!
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It really isn't difficult. I use dark brown watercolor and mix it with a lot of water on a pallet before applying. With water color it is hard to lighten after applying so I rather have it too light and add more later than make it too dark. Then you basically just soak the page, applying more wherever you think it should go. It doesn't need to be perfect. The imperfections are what makes it look more authentic. I made like ten pages of my sketchbook like this. 

If you want to try the fanfiction, I'll link you. I did not mean to insinuate immaturity. I just never touched anything rated M until I was nearly twenty. 
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Oh, what a cool method! Do you use regular printer type paper?
Also, no problem, didn't seem to insinuate much to me lol. But to tell the truth, I AM pretty immature hehe!
But when you're any older than 6, in my experience, you know enough vocab and 'themes' to get you through your whole life XD
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I used probably forty pound artist paper. Watercolor paper would be ideal but you get a different effect for every type of paper you use. Printer paper would give you a smoother finish probably. 

You you must have been a smart six year old. I would have never made it into the real world with the mentality I had when I was that young. I was a cute little optimist. I was nearly fully grown in maturity by thirteen though. I just had not weathered puberty quite yet. Ugh. That happened. 

Ill try it on printer paper tonight when I do yet another page thanks to my besty. I'll post the swatch as either a scrap or a picture and let you know so you can see if it worked out well. 
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Okie, that variety of Artist Paper, gotcha!
About the six year old thing, I was pretty much like you, but more grumpy haha
My loving, caring, totally annoying overprotective parents made sure nothing 'bad words' were in sight, including poo.
I was actually thinking of my younger brother, who got to partake of new experiences at a younger age. My parents loosened up a bit on the reins with him lol. When I watch movies, tv, check online, or on other media, my brother is often around and exposed to everything, and his gaming videos don't have the best language XD, which isn't relatively suitable for him lol. I'm kind  speaking as if I'm not still a child as well lol. Tbh, I am still just as immature as always and laugh at any butt based jokes . , .
Well, thanks once again for all the tips!
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Cellard00rs here! Thanks again for this! It's so lovely! :)))
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Thank you. I am glad you enjoy it. I can't wait to read more. It's such a great story. Thanks for the comment. :3
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