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Atheist is Not a Bad Word
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Published: April 3, 2007
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Atheist is NOT a bad word
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BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for making a pro-Atheism stamp : )
Phoenixtdm's avatar
PhoenixtdmHobbyist Digital Artist
when i was little i thought god was a bad word
Springtrap9Atlas's avatar
Springtrap9AtlasStudent Traditional Artist
Hell yeah it’s bot
MihTimak's avatar
"Atheist" is a very good word!
Maddy-The-Proxy's avatar
Maddy-The-ProxyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, whatever happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"?
The-Del-Bel's avatar
It isn't, but apparently it's a nasty word to very sensitive religious people.
SALT--WATER's avatar
SALT--WATERHobbyist Writer
My father thought atheist was the same thing as a Satanist before.... 
Paulthored's avatar
To be fair, there is at Least ONE Satanic coven that openly admitted that they're just a local Hate atheist group trying to piss off the local Christians pretending to be Satanic so that they can place a "monument" next to a War memorial. The memorial in question, being one that the Pro-Atheist Hate group FFRF(freedom from religion foundation) fought for the removal of in court, simply because it's Crossed shaped.
I honestly don't know all the details, but the monument they want to place has basically been described  to be as Religiously offensive as possible, while technically meeting the basic requirements for being placed in the area of the memorial.

The mosquitoes are getting bad, so good night!! 
GodsofWarAndRock's avatar
that's the problem with society these days , they judge things too quickly
madwriter1997's avatar
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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RedEzeltStudent General Artist
Sarkshine's avatar
SarkshineHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't care. Come at me, dead chick. See? Nothing happened.
VonRabenherz's avatar
VonRabenherzHobbyist General Artist
Seriously, just fuck off.
TheFatLlamma's avatar
I don't know where you guys live, but the people in Illinois that I know couldn't care less about your religion. I mean even my republican friends are completely okay with gay marriage and such.
android239's avatar
android239Hobbyist Digital Artist
whad up i'm from illinois eh the people i know who are christian look at you wired if you say your a atheist but they get over it like you said.  we are a who gives a crap state lol 
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LaTexianaStudent Digital Artist
I feel like I should give my own experience. I live in Texas. Even among the young people, a good deal of them are still hyper-religious and homophobic. I'm happy to say that they are starting to become the minority, but they are still a pretty large segment of the population here, and if you are an Atheist, a Democrat or a homosexual, all of which I am, then trying to surround yourself with understanding people can be difficult. Oh how I wish I was born in a state where religion wasn't taken seriously. 
doomeduniverse's avatar
As long as you're not a dirty aCostcoZombieist, we have no problems. Glory to the Costco Zombie. Woe to the fools who oppose the will of Costcunos the Magnificent, eater of brains. Behold his glory and always be prepared to show... your membership card... or suffer the consequences. One day he will arrive, and the unworthy will all be shown just how wrong they are... by having their brains eaten! By Costcunos! The Matnificent!
RollerTrack3's avatar
Thanks, DragonbloodRain, but we don't need an education on what won't happen. :)
steelelover132's avatar
steelelover132Hobbyist Artist
wait...............there are people seriously saying that Atheist is a bad word as in curse word? 
LaTexiana's avatar
LaTexianaStudent Digital Artist
Even some Atheists are hesitant to refer to themselves as "Atheists". Here in Texas, most of us refer to ourselves are Humanist or Agnostics. I myself call myself a Pandeistic Atheist, which is more of a conversation starter. In places where religion is taken seriously, "Atheist" becomes a dangerous label. 
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BlackestfangHobbyist General Artist
There are a lot of people.
steelelover132's avatar
steelelover132Hobbyist Artist
Really? wow...........
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