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How do you draw your pictures? On paper or with a graphics tablet?

Directly on a tablet. A Wacom Intuous pro, to be more specific.

Hewwo! I've always wondered are u a furry? or do you just have an interest in anthros? Also... I'm sorry if it's rude but can u give me any pointers on drawing macro art? I'm trying really hard to get good at anatomy and different angles. I've changed my art style to! But ye I am just curious because I really wanna learn.

I know it's probably not what you're wanting to hear, but the only way to improve is keep on drawing and keep on getting practice. Don't be too afraid of using references, but don't copy or trace either. There's absolutely no shame in looking at other people's art to work out what you like / dislike about it though and trying to incorporate that into your own style.

I know you practice a lot and I have been I switched my bodies awhile ago and I really really like them i'm actually reaching a point in my art i've always wanted. Not there just yet tho.

Hewwo, I know this is awkward but I wanted to say. I really love your art. It has given me inspiration and makes me realize that I can possibly get to this level one day. IT keeps me going. I never had a favorite artist but now you are one of them. I make my own macro art to I mean I try to. I just wanted to say though I really love your art though and how cute it is. And if you can (and if u want) have any tips for macro drawings? Thanks! :3

Hiya, that's not awkward at all. Keep working at it and you can achieve all sorts! Your work is already far better than my early stuff when i started posting things online.

You seem to have a grasp of one point perspective and such in your city drawings and things. So basically, just keep it up and keep having fun with your art!