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When someone ask me what I'm really scared of this is the only think I can think...the future.
How many times I asked myself: what I should do?O.O
I think is more scaring than death because you know that certainly you have to die but what will happen before that???

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dasjkfhdsjfkHobbyist Digital Artist

hehe 2020

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RoseCruzHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm scared on the fact that I can't imagine my future...
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AngelBunnyMikiHobbyist Digital Artist
this is me to a tea.
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JeanX-HedgehogHobbyist Interface Designer
this is me
using it def
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Inky-ShadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
You and me both, buddy.
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NinjaWoodpeckers91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, I am scared of Alien Invasion and AI (Artificial Intelligence) gone rogue. 
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Sanslet0nHobbyist Digital Artist
With everything that's going in the world there's more than likely gonna be world war 3.

Actually, scratch that, it already started. And I feel the worst is to come.
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dasjkfhdsjfkHobbyist Digital Artist

hehe 2020

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grace0rulzHobbyist Artist
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SparklyStarLightsStudent Digital Artist
Especially because I've heard somewhere ISIS want to dominate Europe and kill everyone who isn't Muslim(I really hope it's not true, I have lots of European friends ;A; )
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BabyWitherBooHobbyist Artist
Using! ;u;
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NightThinkuuHobbyist Digital Artist
f o u n d   y o u   a g a i n   x D
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Growlie26Hobbyist Digital Artist
It truly, and honestly does. 
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RiRiSqueakStudent Digital Artist
I don't even have a future~!! :'D
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TarnarkHobbyist General Artist
I'm quite uneasy about the future, but I'm hoping it won't turn out that bad as predicted by many prophets.
Our present life has a big influence on our future after all.
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dasjkfhdsjfkHobbyist Digital Artist

hehe 2020

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Yep! I'm scared that there might be A WW3 starting sometime this year! (Which I heard)
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SweetNymphyHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm scared of me and my friends growing apart...*messes with friendship necklace*
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XxtheWakavorefanxXHobbyist General Artist
Oh yes im petrified of the future. Never know whats gonna come up
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Mystic-KhorsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i hate futuristic objects like flying cars and robots, i would rather stick with the 70's
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misspuggsley12Hobbyist Artist

I couldn't agree more.

Time to haul ass out of here! Nuu Crying 

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LEONARDO2012FANStudent Artist
what if I..... grow up! :iconscaredplz:
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EriFab Digital Artist
Gosh, almost all of your stamps describe me. :lol:
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Bloody terrified suits me :nod:
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