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Monthly Stamp Feature #15

Wed Feb 2, 2011, 9:16 AM by SparkLum:iconsparklum:
Monthly Stamp Feature #15
The stamp-kingdom's Monthly Stamp Feature is a feature aimed at bringing you the best of the group. Enjoy!

All About You

Pride :Stamp: by LauNachtyr
Pride :Stamp:
By LauNachtyr
I'm pretty sure this covers everything. And the transitions aren't bulky or anything.

I'm awesome by pjuk
Im awesome
By pjuk
There are days when you just have to raise your little elephant trunk and proclaim for all to hear how awesome you are.

Mature Content

That's proving my point... by ikazon

That's proving my point...
By ikazon
I just had to. :iconteheplz:

Forgetting us?
By Louchan
A clear message, the animation and background on this are perfect.

Ninja Kitty Stamp by guitarcraze
Ninja Kitty Stamp
By guitarcraze
Look at that kitteh. It is so stealthy and adorable all at once. And I love that font.

I Love Dinosaurs Stamp
By Mirz123
I am a sucker for emotes, you should know that already. And he is just so cute when he rawrs.

Anime and Manga

Every Naruto Character Stamp by RandomTons
Every Naruto Character Stamp
By RandomTons
The amount of time and patience that must have gone into this stamp is really quite impressive, even if all of them aren't there.

stamp: wing road by DevilsClap
stamp: wing road
By DevilsClap
Air Gear's animation is great, and the wing road in particular is awesome to watch. Now you can have that pocket of animation in your favs, thanks to this stamp!

Hiruma Stamp by RandomTons
Hiruma Stamp
By RandomTons
Ya-Ha! I love Eyeshield 21, and Hiruma's trademark devil grin on a stamp is fantastic. I half expect the stamp to point a gun at me, even.

Arts and Crafts

RESPECT PLZ by InkBottleInc
By InkBottleInc
As a user of many traditional media, I can definitely relate to this every time I see someone saying digital would make it better.

What I draw is MY business
By RinneganReiko
In addition to loving the meaning for its truth, I think this is a nice improvement with text selection and spacing over the last one featured.

Cartoons and Comics

Nabi Doki Support Stamp
By Mirz123
Cute. Nice stamp border as well.

Ed Edd n Eddy by RandomTons
Ed Edd n Eddy
By RandomTons
Great Animation.

Maggie Stamp by Quacksquared
Maggie Stamp
By Quacksquared
Good image of Maggie used.


Block Me
By AssClownFish
This stamp has a short and simple message which outlines an improved feature on dA. The colour of the border is quite unique too.

Security Bulletin by impersonalinfo
Security Bulletin
By impersonalinfo
The background, combined with smooth animation and awesome-looking font, strengthens the message of this stamp.

dA Love by ClefairyKid
dA Love
By ClefairyKid
A wonderful stamp for people who love dA. The animation and how it showcases most of the features dA has to offer us! The text is also larv. <3

Drinks and Food

Ordinary tea by FireFlyExposed
Ordinary tea
By FireFlyExposed
Nice use of both image and font :)

Malted milk biscuit stamp by magical-bra
Malted Milk biscuit stamp
By magical-bra
I've always loved the stamps that are made to look out of an actual object, so this stamp definitely caught my eye. Nicely executed.

KFC by faiis
By faiis
Regardless of whether or not you like this restaurant, you can't say that this stamp doesn't illustrate fantastic use of templates and color contrast.


I'm not my OC dumbass
By RinneganReiko
Trufax :B

Three Ninjas by sambeawesome
Three Ninjas
By sambeawesome
3 you say? I see 5:ninja: Haha this stamp never fails to amuse me.

Religion Stamp by pixelworlds
Religion Stamp
By pixelworlds
Even this stamp might butthurt some people, i think it's brilliant:slow:
I respect religion, but do not shove it in my poo poo whole :B And the stamp looks also pretty.

Movies TV and Music

Quite The Little Actor by azianwolfdoll
Quite The Little Actor
By azianwolfdoll
I don't know about you, but I'd want to own a dog like that. Bolt is, as always, adorable, and this stamp is great fun to watch over and over.

Cheese Panda Stamp
By RikkuTenjou
Never say no to the panda. If you haven't seen the Panda Cheese commercials, you should look them up, they're hilarious, and this is a neat stamp tribute to them.

Mr. Roboto Stamp
By Mirz123
Secret, secret, I've got a secret! A stamp dedicated to the Styx classic, this one is a keeper!

People and Celebrities

Keri Hilson Stamp
By linawifeofL
The black and white picture with the flashing pink heart really catches the eye.

Ke$ha Fan Stamp by lightpurge
Ke$ha Fan Stamp
By lightpurge
The blue is a great color and with the white font the stamp is just very pleasing to look at. :)

Audrey Hepburn Love
By ClefairyKid
Great stamp and the black border with the pink heart looks awesome.


From The Sun. by Hamshireh
From The Sun.
By Hamshireh
A very simple stamp for an awesome 4th gen evolution. :meow:

Pokemon White Stamp
By Delthero
A very well done stamp for the upcoming 5th gen games. :eager:

Sudowoodo Stamp by AWishingStarStamps
Sudowoodo Stamp
By AWishingStarStamps
Sudowoodo: one of the most provocative pokemon ever, showing off his wood since 1999. 8-)


LGBT Stamp by strawberry-hunter
LGBT Stamp
By strawberry-hunter
Great Layout and font used.

It's Legal to Kill Some People by impersonalinfo
It's Legal to Kill Some People
By impersonalinfo
Simple but effective.


Stamp template - hearts border by FireFlyExposed
Stamp template - hearts border
By FireFlyExposed
A beautiful template just in time for Valentine's Day. :love:

GIMP 'xcf' Stamp Template by Furgelnod
GIMP 'xcf' Stamp Template
By Furgelnod
Another stamp template with quite a unique design.  Proving to others that the Gimp is just as good as Photoshop. Also beware this template may only work in the Gimp.

Black Stamp Border by yumi-honamaru
Black Stamp Border
By yumi-honamaru
This template takes you back to the basics with a simple frame to start you on your stamp making journey.

Video Games

Brink. No Mercy Stamp
By WillGArt
Nice Animation.

Professor Layton
By bradleysays
I like the font used, it goes well with the image.

Its-a Me-a, Mario
By ClefairyKid
Very good animation, and I love the font.

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