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Rules & Information

Welcome to :iconstamp-heaven:
Be sure to read our rules and submission guidelines before submitting your stamps.

What we accept:

Stamp-Heaven is a group for Stamps of any kind, but we also accept Emoticons, Icons and Avatars, and Resources and Templates for stamp makers!

Requirements for stamps:

:pointr: Size
Stamps submitted to the group must be the standard size of 99x56px. Stamps of any other size will be declined unless they are submitted to folders that are dedicated to size exceptions.
Stamps that are 75x35px or smaller may only be submitted to the "Small Stamps" gallery.
Stamps that are 125x75px or larger may only be submitted to the "Large Stamps" gallery. Stamps that are just a couple pixels off from the standard size of 99x56px may be submitted to the "Odd-Sized Stamps" gallery.

:pointr: Shape
All submissions must have some sort of zigzag, ridged, stamp-like border to be considered proper stamps. Borders do not have to be white - they can be any color you want - and do not have to have the standard triangular zig-zag pattern. As long as they are clearly a ridged, "toothed" pattern, whether rounded, straight, or something in between, and have complete transparency between the "teeth", they can be any color or pattern you want.

Stamps that in some way do not fit the standard rectangular shape (this includes vertical stamps, square stamps, circle-shaped stamps, heart-shaped stamps, stamps with elements that go outside the border, etc.) may only be submitted to the "Shaped Stamps" gallery folder. Otherwise, they will be declined.

:pointr: Transparency:
Since only stamps including the typical "ridged" border will be accepted, all submissions must be completely transparent around the border and between the ridges. Stamps that carry a pleasant shadow effect may be tolerated at the discretion of the admins.

If you are wondering about transparency, the first thing you should do is check what program you're using to make your stamps. MS Paint does not allow transparency, so you cannot use it to create stamps for this group. If you are using a different program, make sure you are saving your files in .png or .gif format, as the .jpd format doesn't allow transparency.

:pointr: Content
Submissions with a controversial message, including controversial opinions, often conveyed in a very rude manner, must be submitted to the "Controversy, Dislike, and Hate Stamps" gallery. However, if we find that a submission is overly rude, offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of deviantART's Etiquette Policy, the submission will be declined. Final discretion rests with our founder WishmasterAlchemist and co-founder HarmonicSonic. Repeated breaking of this particular rule will result in removal from the group.

Submission Limit:
There is an overall submission limit of 5 deviations per day.
Joining Information

:pointr: Feel free to +Watch us even if you don't make stamps, stamp appreciators are always welcome.

:pointr: Member join requests are automatically approved. If you have stamps to share, don't hesitate to join us.

:pointr: If you would like to apply to be a Contributor, please make sure you have at least 2 stamps in your gallery that we can see. You will then submit them into the stamp galleries on entry to the group once your application has been approved.

Please keep in mind that being a Contributor doesn't just mean more privileges than regular members. You are also expected to actively take part in the submission voting process according to the group's rules, so apply for the position only if you seriously want to help the group.

:pointr: New admins will be chosen at the discretion of the existing administrators on the basis of how helpful they have proven to be in the group.
:iconwishmasteralchemist: :iconharmonicsonic:

Recent Journal Entries

Welcome to :iconstamp-heaven:'s Stamp Request & Commission Journal

Here you can promote your services, browse our list of stamp makers that are open for requests/commissions, or even request a stamp and see if someone is available to take your request.


Rules for Stamp Requests and Commissions

:bulletgreen: If you would like to be added to the 'Open for Requests' List please fill out the below application and either post it in a comment here or note it to the group.

Open for Requests Application Form
Categories: what kind of stamp are you available to make?
Stamp size: what size will your stamps be? 99x56px, a different size, can you offer various sizes?
Animated or Unanimated: will you do only static stamps, only animated, or both?
Commission Prices: do you take free requests or paid commissions, what payment methods do you accept and how much is your fee?
Extra: do you make only stamps or other graphics like avatars, group icons, IDs, as well?
More Info: if you have any additional info, like a journal where you explain your services in details, add it here.

:bulletblue: If you wish to request a stamp please fill out the below application and either post it in a comment here or note it to the group.

Stamp Request Form
Category: what category would your stamp request belong to?
Stamp size: what size do you want the stamp to be?
Animated or Unanimated: would you like the stamp to be static or animated?
Willing to Pay Commission: are you willing to pay a commission fee, how much can you offer, do you want the stamp to be made for free?
Stamp Description: describe your stamp request here by adding as many details as you can.

:bulletred: If you wish to edit a form you have previously posted or have it completely removed, either leave a comment here or send the group a note.

:bulletred: Please note that even if you appear on our previous Stamp Requests journal, you will have to resubmit your form and make sure you are added below, as the other blog entry is very old and outdated and we are unable to verify whether stamp makers on that list are still active and open for requests/commissions or not.


Deviants that are Open for Stamp Requests/Commissions

:bulletgreen: :iconwishmasteralchemist: WishmasterAlchemist
Categories: Any | Size: Standard (99x56px) or Large (130×74px) | Animation: Both Static and Animated
Commission Fee: 25 :points: for static, 50 :points: for animated | Extra: account and group icons, gallery folder icons, IDs, all starting at 25 :points:.
More Info: | Stamp Gallery | Commission Samples

:bulletgreen: :iconcassidypeterson: CassidyPeterson
Categories: Any | Size: 99x56 or 56x99px | Animation: Both Static and Animated
Commission Fee: 5 to 15 :points: depending on order details | Extra: account and group icons
More Info:

:bulletgreen: :icontea-strawberry: Tea-Strawberry
Categories: change every month -  last day for requesting is one day before the month ends (open until December 2014) | Size: 99x56px | Animation: Both Static and Animated
Commission Fee: FREE (limited to two per month) | Extra: n/a
More Info: for more info about subjects, subject changes, and rules, see here:

:bulletgreen: :iconnekolies: Nekolies
Categories: any | Size: 99x56px | Animation: Both Static and Animated
Commission Fee: 5 to 8 :points: | Extra: n/a
More Info:

:bulletgreen: :iconspeendlex: Speendlex
Categories: any | Size: 99x56px | Animation: Both Static and Animated
Commission Fee: free | Extra: n/a
More Info: I'll make stamps in my custom stamp template. I'm not very active, so be patient.

:bulletgreen: :iconjericam: JEricaM
Categories: everything less Chibi/Human Characters (Animals only with lineart)
Size: 99x56px | Animation: Both Static and Animated | Commission Fee: only :points: 20 static / 30 animated
Extra: avatars (static and animated), group icons, dividers and other pixel art related works (details in my profile)
More Info: my profile | Commission Pricelist


Stamp Requests

:bulletblue: :iconcartoon-girl-2010: cartoon-girl-2010
Category: Anime
Stamp size: 99x56px
Animated or Unanimated: Static
Willing to Pay Commission: No, looking for a free request.
Stamp Description: Pretty simple really... I want a stamp of Nephlite/Nephrite from Sailor Moon.
If you look at this video [… and pause at 2:14 you'll see the image (I've seen many stamps that look like they're right out of the show so hope this is ok)

:bulletblue: :iconguil-hedgehog: Guil-hedgehog
Category: Anime/Anthro (Jin-Roh styled)
Stamp size: 99x56px
Animated or Unanimated: Static
Willing to Pay Commission: No, looking for a free request.
Stamp Description: If possible to mend a dark overall coat to my character, make chibi if possible, face exposed, or partial facemask on. | My character: | Reference for armor:

Posted by
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