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I'm guessing it's been so long that you don't even remember me.
I've been inactive for almost a year, ever since I started working on professional projects. 

Why? Because DeviantART is very hard to keep up with when you have over 100 messages per week, because I'm now working on paid advertisements and because I'm at University.

But whatever. The important thing is that I'm going to be posting a couple new things in the next coming months. 

So! Check out my new avatar, profile and website while you're at it!
The filming, editing, VFX, and music of this film was produced by *Stamga:

CONTINGENCY is a short film about a young man that repeatedly attempts to escape a place unknown to him, only to realize that he is not alone...

We have just released a Tekken-inspired live-action video! How awesome is that? Check it out!

The filming, editing, VFX, and music was all produced by *Stamga.
EDIT: The final episodes are finished. You may watch them in the series compilation below.

I know I'm probably bothering you guys with all of this movie production thing, but I've put a lot of effort into my productions and I really need an audience to show them to! That being said, the first episodes of the web series have been released. It does start off a little slow, but after, it's fast paced action till the end!

Once again, I have been working on a new action/sci-fi film project called BIONET. Check out the trailer:

Unfortunately, since most of the actors speak French a lot better than they speak English, we decided to film it 90% in French.

That doesn't mean that you can't read the subtitles when it gets released though :P And anyways, there isn't that much dialogue.
Support me and my team by watching it and liking our page!

Check out the teaser:

[16 votes so far, need more!] Vote for 'The Core' here:…
I have recreated my 'Time Collapse' art piece to fit on a T-Shirt!

Of course the colors aren't as good since T-Shirts are limited to 4 colors, but I find it still looks great!

I've been thinking of buying a new camera for the past couple months, and I finally decided to dive in and buy the Canon 5D Mark II.

Why the Mark II? Well, there was a price drop after the Mark III was announced, and I didn't see any new features that were worthy enough for me to buy the Mark III.

So far, I have taken over 400 pictures with it, and it is amazing, compared to my cheap FZ100. I just have to get used to all the manual controls, and hopefully I'll come up with better shots.

That being said, I have just released a new wallpaper featuring a photograph taken with my new camera:

Spring Glow by Stamga

I will also be using the camera to make more movies, like Struggle of War, but hopefully in a better overall quality.
Continuing from my previous post, our first episode has been posted on YouTube!
Please like, subscribe and share it to everyone when you get a chance!
I have been editing and composing music, as well as editing and creating visual effects for a new YouTube series that will be coming out soon.
You can check out the teaser here:

Please like, subscribe and share it to everyone when you get a chance!
My brand new Time Collapse wallpaper has been chosen as a DD!
Thanks a lot to *qaz2008 for suggesting it, and ^Infinite705 for featuring it! :D
Time Collapse by Stamga

My last DD was for my Beautiful Dream wallpaper, back in September 2010:
Beautiful Dream by Stamga
This is actually the first time I publicly show off music that I have created.

For the past year, I have been experimenting with my MIDI keyboard and with the Fl Studio software.
Ever since I started experimenting, I have had an interest for composing electronic and orchestral music.

If you guys are interested into seeing what kind of music I create, you may check out my latest tracks on my SoundCloud profile here:

Please leave some feedback!
I would love to know what you think about my compositions.
As the founder of 5 active groups, I can't help but notice how they have evolved in the past year.
Here are the stats for all of my groups to date:

26,450 Pageviews
351 Watchers
81 Members

21,253 Pageviews
1,020 Watchers
786 Members

9,522 Pageviews
368 Watchers
259 Members

9,135 Pageviews
503 Watchers
452 Members

8,260 Pageviews
110 Watchers
81 Members
Sorry, nothing special this time ;P
Just a simple Merry Christmas to you all.
Check out my Impulse dreamscene if you haven't yet!

Here's a video preview:
Sorry for not being active.
I'm really busy because of college.

Well, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :pumpkin:
EDIT: My design needs at least 60 more votes for it to have a chance to be chosen. Please go vote if you haven't yet!

I've always dreamed of making a cool T-Shirt design, but I've never had the guts.
I finally decided to give it a try, using my abstract and space genre knowledge.

You may see my design here. Please vote for it!…

I haven't done a collab with anyone in a long time, and I would love to work with someone new.

Whether it's for UI design, abstract or space wallpapers, just PM me and I'll be happy to work with you!
What an adventure...

Exactly a year from now, I decided to jump in and try to start a website called Fetivo.
It was supposed to be my personal website, as well as a place where I could feature other artists and talk about design.

Well, it took me months to design a logo, and a full website based on a template.
It turned out that the template I had based my design on was no good because it didn't work in Internet Explorer, and half the planet uses that browser.

So finally, today I had to renew my yearly web hosting and I took the day to REBUILD MY WHOLE WEBSITE onto another template which works in IE.
I also redesigned the logo a bit.

If you want to see my progress, you can go to and check it out.
As I said, it is still WORK IN PROGRESS.

If you guys have any suggestions regarding the design of the website, then go ahead and tell me!

Old Logo:

New Logo: