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Fresh2 - Wallpaper Pack



Everyone loved my first Fresh wallpaper set, so I thought of making some more abstract wallpapers in the same style!

All wallpapers are in HD resolution. Even the ones with iPhone/iPod touch and Standard dimensions.

Logons of the wallpapers will come soon!

My old pack:


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The Fresh2 Wallpaper Pack really goes over and beyond the first set, and was definitely worth the wait. What I love about these ones is the sheer impressive quality of them, how soft they are that just looking at them is like covering your desktop in velvet. There are no gradient breaks and as far as that goes they are virtually pixel-perfect. The slight alterations of each one makes them interesting enough to have running as a slideshow on Windows 7 but subtle enough that the change doesn't give you a heart attack with the dramatic change in colour from behind the Windows which you sometimes get from abstract sets. I also love the preview and how the product takes centre stage, and the little icons for the different devices are nice, too.

Some improvement points would possibly be to make one or two of them a little different, as elegance is very similar in style to Seduction but also in colour to above, but like I said earlier the subtle alterations are what makes them "fresh" and soft so it's not a big deal. The other would be that the blue one sort of feels like it doesn't fit because of how much lighter it is. Other than that, fantastic wallpaper pack with as many resolutions as anyone would need.