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Friday Night Street Specials
 is an old idea of mine which has its roots in the The-Yard-Collective group, long before it was even a group. Older deviants remember the time when groups were clubs. I started posting this weekly feature back then, every Friday afternoon, showcasing 7 street shots that had been submitted to the club and had caught my attention during the past week. The feature lasted for a long time, untill I left dA  for personal reasons for few months. When I got back in dA and wore the Street CV hat, the idea of reviving this weekly feature came up again vividly. This time my intention was to showcase and promote street shots from all over deviantArt.
Till now, 22 FNSS have been posted, you can find them in my personal account profile page.  They average over 1000 pageviews each,  and as I've been told by several fellow street shooters, it's a feature worth waiting for, every Friday afternoon. In every FNSS I try to keep a balance between new, unknown street shooters and old, experienced ones, while maintaining a relatively high quality. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes not. You can't have them all happy, can you?
So, I proudly present you this week's

Fns by StamatisGR

A weekly selection amongst the images that were suggested as DDs 
or simply impressed me and I think they deserve more attention. 
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

188 by eyalbin

This house of mine by cor-explo

She glows by streetphotomelb

Too many beers! by marcfaster

Picture by milan-massa

m1 by artemmeluzov

Cap Confusion by Shreyas-Panambur

window by kabardey

Have a great weekend!

Coming tomorrow

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Nicely done, as always.
Thanks, Stam!