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MotoGirl Turntable

By stalsky
Old work from my website. To see all, just move mouse over the girl ;)

More turntables here: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 stalsky
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wow prety cool
i wish there were more turntable around
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She better close the stable or or the horse is gonna get out! :D

Great work.
ooo sweet:) how u add turntable, it is GIF?
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awesome! can we work together on a game project? contact me at <> or leave a reply at <>
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how do you upload a turntable?
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Man, I'm getting back on ZB right now.
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love this one!
mbinz's avatar
wOw! impresive! :)
king-worm's avatar
awesome sculpt and presentation!

would it be bad form to replicate your turntable interaction method (i.e. the panning n rotation using mouseover)? mimicry is the highest form of flattery, but i don't wanna step on any toes
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Thank you all friends! Love yours comments! :)
ClearFog's avatar
Extremely well detailed!
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This is incredible!
I love the attention to detail of this sculpture. :clap:
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not a fan of the face but the body and clothing detail is pure win!
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Wow!! It's more than amazing!! It's...It's....I have no words!! :love:
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this is awesome
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