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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson. Drawn on a bad choice of paper considering I know how much my scanner sucks. But thought I'd put it up anyway. It looks about 1000 times better on paper than this does...bleh! Ah well, here it is.

Made this some months ago. Spent about 3,5 h on it.
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Excellent work. I love it. I'm a DJ and would like to use your work in a mix video for my youtube's channel of related to the King of Pop. The credits and links of your space in Devianart will be visible in the video's description. Many thanks
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wowww Stalker18 you did a amazing job.^^

I love michael!!!!
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awwwwwww *_______* my idol
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I can't believe ignorant savages STILL believe he's a pedophile, he was proved innocent TWICE in those court cases! The accusers just wanted money. That caused him to a lot of stress, making him go to rehab, because inhumane creatures were so cruel and had a horrible creed for money. I know that I heard that years later, the son of the accuser admits that he was forced to lie from his pitiful father. Also, he had VITILIGO, a skin disorder, he did NOT bleach his skin. It's proven in his autopsy that he had the disorder and that it was from his Dad's side. He embrace his heritage and culture.
He has endured such a treacherous and dark life, I feel horrible for celebrities who have to go through the false evil media. We will always love you Michael!
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:D (Big Grin) Instant Fave Spongebob (Imagination) gasp WHAT? Instant Fave I Triple Hearts i love that pic. i 2 soft hearts  MJ
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i actually like the texture of the paper together with the pencil 
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thats realy awesome. thats the best he has ever looked. from the 80s. im a big fan
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Beautiful. Completely Outstanding!! :)
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Loooove it!! You're so telented!!
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This one of my fav photos of him
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cool pic of mj
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bad choice of paper...good choice of art XP Your shading is impeccable
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This inspires meh! :D
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someone stole this, and tried to "hide" it by turning up the contrast
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Thanks for letting me know! It seems the account is deactivated now, so that's good I guess. Damn art thieves!
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OMG this is amazing!!! :iconwowplz: You did really good on this drawing! i wish I could do that! :D LOVE IT! WHAT A CUTIE!!!! :iconawwwplz:
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