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My Bio
Vladimir Ovcharov
about me autodidact рhoto hobby, I'm not a professional photographer, photography is my most favorite thing I love to travel very much and in my little travels I photograph both on weekends and on the way to the work, and get home from work I work as a lawyer and earn their daily bread by this, and that's why most of my time goes to work, although in fact I don’t like my job, but so far there is no alternative :) in any case it doesn’t bother me to take photographs
and shares amazing wonders and joy of the native Ukrainian land and its history, and it makes me very happy,
if you would be interested in seeing me :) you can see me at this link since I don’t want to change my avatar I like it very much, for me it was made by my dear friend General for which I thank you so much I also have a small YouTube channel there I do small roles about the nature of my native land and not only here is the link to it…
I also like science fiction, educational and scientific literature, and also study history and folklore culture and much more, also love reconstruction, and art, I also love cooking and sharing joy and happiness.
My dream was to show the true beauty of the happy mother of nature as well as tell about Ukraine and about the wonders of the land of Kiev, and tell a little about history
рhotos I started in 2009 my first camera phone was the Sony Eriksson w810 :), some of the images have made it here:)
I live in a small town in the Kiev region with the name Irpen, Ukraine
my dears, I'm here only on weekends, and I upload my photos too, in front there will be many new photos :), and many thanks to you,
I do not use photo editors in my photos, except for postcards, what you see in the photo was in fact, magically beautiful and incredibly great mother nature beauty

thank you very much dear friend mADnieR-cO, for a wonderful gorgeous stamp

and always welcome to my little gallery you will always find joy and wonders here, and thank you very much
always remember the most important thing about the Lord our God Jesus Christ sincere because today those darkest times have come. the last time, and when love grew cold and sorrow came to earth, for evil reigned on earth it's time to remember the Lord our God Jesus Christ and sincerely pray and ask for more time for us to repent so that we can all be saved do not forget and remember true values such as the sincere faith of Christ, God's Law love, friendship, loyalty, because our mortal world holding on on them, and when we forget about the Lord our God Jesus Christ, and about true values, then the madness of darkness comes into the world and the world is destroyed and perishes, and only sincere faith, the prayer of Christ and the observance of God's law can save our mortal old world from madness of darkness and return the dawn and prosperity of the having dispelled the darkness, and the very time has come when you need to pray and repent and ask the Lord God to give us time for
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important my dear friends subscribers and observers today you can see for yourself that we have already entered the time of the fulfillment of the revelation of John the Theologian "Apocaleps" and you yourself can see it with the naked eye in all the events and signs that are happening around the world and all this is happening because we people today completely scored about the Lord our God Jesus Christ and Holy Life-Giving Trinity I plunge into the thorns and vanity and charms of this world, completely forgetting about the Most Important thing about the Lord God and the Law of God, sincere prayer and repentance to the Lord God which is the root of all our current troubles and problems therefore, now only sincere prayer and repentance before the Lord our God Jesus Christ and Holy Life-Giving Trinity can save us and our mortal and fragile world from complete destruction and eternal death, and if today all people on earth pray sincerely for at least five minutes and come to repentance
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Attention!!!! and I apologize my dear friends, subscribers and just observers Unfortunately, at the moment, due to the new test notification system that was connected to my account, unfortunately I will not be able to give you answers to your responses to comments, for which I apologize since the new notification system is very complex and incomprehensible to me, and in it, all notifications are brought together in one incomprehensible heap, which creates great chaos since there is no separate page where all notifications were divided into groups which in turn greatly complicates and takes much longer to answer, since you need to view each notification individually, since sorting by groups is completely excluded,for this reason, I once again apologize very much if I cannot answer you, due to the fact that I cannot find one or another answer to a comment in this new confusing notification system since the new notification system greatly complicates the interaction with the communities
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Друже, сподіваюсь з тобою все добре! чекаємо на твоє повернення

Hello, we are an international photography competition Best Photography Awards. Our team took notice of your photography and we would like to say that your works are really talented.

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Hello! I hope you're safe and sound. :hug:

I pray that you and your loved ones are safe.

May this new year bring peace and better times.

I hope you're alright Vladimir. ;-; I haven't heard from you for a while. Stay safe.

Dear friend, I am very curious about you and your beloved family...Hope you all doing fine....

İf you have any opportunity please write me if you are allright...Please take good care of you