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Fun little commission that is long overdue.

Drawn on an piece of 11x14 inch Bristol with an F lead. Inked with Microns and brushpen then colored with Prismacolor markers and white acrylic for the rest.
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When you work at a size like that do you have to scan it in pieces and then put it back together in an editing program?

oh, and also... kickass piece. haha.
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I used to back when I had a smaller scanner but my Brother scanner/printer can scan up to A3 (11"x17") size which makes it so much easier. Thanks!
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I'd love this just for Wilma... but man, you set the standards HIGH.
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Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the art. :)
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Buck Rogers, Star Wars, and... um Clueless?
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ELLE BISHOP from Heroes. Though I do find the idea of Cher Horowitz hanging out with Wilma and Leia out in space interesting. :)
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Oh Cher, that was her name. Good one, Campos. I didn't get the Kristen Bell likeness but still very cool, man.
geezone's avatar can't be Clueless. It just can't be.

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:lmao: No worries, it's not. If anything that's just telling of how horrible I am at nailing an actress' likeness.
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Hmm. I dunno. Likenesses are always in that bag of tricks were you either get it on some days or don't on others. Makes me bleed for the guys who have to do those licensed comics, you know? Trublood, Farscape, Beyond the Fringe, et al.

In fact, I think that's why I don't do any mainstream comic related pieces. I just can't get my Wonder Woman looking like the Wonder Woman in my head (a cross between Lucy Lawless and Sarah Lancaster) or the famous book covers (damn you, AH!).
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very nicely done!
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Thanks! Glad you liked it.
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my pleasure i assure you :)
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Very good piece!
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Thanks, man-it's always an honor when you stop by and check out my stuff.
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That is just one big box of nerdy hotness. My head asplodes :D
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Awesome on liking it, :ohnoes: on head asplosioness.
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BEEDEE BEEDEE BEEDEE.. Heya Buck...that Col. Dering is something else!
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I automatically heard this in Twiki's voice in my head! :rofl:
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And interesting mix, but you did great with it despite the lack of giant props. ;) I like the personality that comes through on all the girls and the vibrant colours. :) Very well done!
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:lol: Yeah, I couldn't fall back on my usual bag of tricks for this one. Thanks Lew!
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