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Liopleurodon Ferox

By Stalio
created with Luxology Modo, postwork with Photoshop :)
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bowser-jr99's avatar
I love this so much :iconilikeitplz:
Liopleurodon is one of my most favorite extinct animals :)
locopoop's avatar
it's also my favourite animal because it was so huge! (82 ft long BTW)
Phillip2001's avatar
Unfortunately there are many who have ceased to believe in it. :(
But we are right. :)

Every reputable source has adult Liopleurodon at 20 feet long.
Phillip2001's avatar
Can you send me the most reputable source?…

So 7m for freakishly large individuals, 6m for average individuals.

This animal is smaller than a great white shark.
Migatte's avatar
6 meters is larger than almost any great white! Only a few great whites have grown past 6 meters, and Liopleurodon is on average larger than almost any great white based on your source.
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
The average great white shark is roughly between ~3.4-4.9 meters long lol.
Migatte's avatar
I just finished the argument, and I have not had as much fun reading something like this in a long time!Judge 
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
Well, that was acepredator for you :D (Big Grin) 
The average FULLY GROWN shark is between 18-20 feet long, however.
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
WTF? That's the length of the exceptionally-large great white sharks. The ~3.4-4.9 meter average is already for adult specimens.

If you haven't noticed, the reported largest individuals cluster around ~6 meters, the figure which you took as an adult average despite all logic, but then again, you are the same one who sees birdlike claws as hooves, thinks tyrannosaurs are completely helpless against anything larger than themselves, and thinks that greater force means less damage...
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Kolkwitzia's avatar
So beautiful... my all time favorite animal >w<
ZEROresolution's avatar
I hate those things.
EagleFox's avatar
Man I remember watching these guys on that "Walking With Dinosaurs" video as a kid. They were awesome.

Love the colors and the texture of the skin.
mortalshinobi's avatar
beautifully done. power, grace and majesty.
a5729's avatar
Is it odd that i see this just after watching a documentary on this?
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