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In The Mirror..Admiral Takushiro Suzuki

The defiant commander of Starbase 234, Imperial Admiral Takushiro Suzuki. The Terran Civil War began officially when Grand Admiral Vitaly Timochenko's fleet attacked Starbase 234 after Admiral Suzuki refused to surrender it. The admiral had earlier refused to recognise Timochenko's claim to the throne. Here he stands without his gold breastplate and combat decorations... My OC by

Takushiro Suzuki was a member of Starfleet for thirty-five years after graduating from the academy in the top ten per cent of his class. He was posted aboard the first generation Walker Class starship ISS EMDEN as a tactical/operations officer. Suzuki was a disciplined and hard working officer, loyal and devoted to duty. His hard work payed off when he was chosen by the EMDEN's captain to lead the first Terran boarding party to assault a Cardassian warship. His bloody yet successful assault launched his career into overdrive. Suzuki rose steadily through the ranks, killing a few rivals along the way, but showing good tactical abilities that earned him a reputation as a battle leader. After serving five years as the first officer of the Emden, he was given command of his own ship, the ISS NASSAU. 

As captain of the ISS NASSAU, Suzuki fought dozens of engagements against  Klingon raiders, the Gorn and the Romulans, inflicting heavy losses on the three races while earning the respect of his superiors. In his tenth year commanding the NASSAU he was invited to join the ceremonial order the 'Death's Head Black Hussars' an elite fraternity starship captains sworn to protect the TERRAN EMPIRE against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This organisation is peer developed and maintained. Only open to certain captains who have shown courage, ability, and elan in action. They are chosen by the members, voted on, and asked to join. Membership in the order is a great honor. There are never more than fifty members and openings are rare.

Suzuki continued to serve, earning several medals for the campaigns he fought in. As a descendant of an ancient samurai warrior, Suzuki considered service to the Empire an honor and worked to instill that in all of his subordinates. His crews revered and respected him. For any Terran, serving under Suzuki was a highly desirable posting. He was a hard task master, rigid and often times grim by Terran standards, but he led them to victories, both bloody and yet very profitable. His final ship command was the Constitution Class starship ISS LEXINGTON which he led successfully for eighteen years before Emperor Georgiou promoted him and placed him in command of Starbase 234. She was greatly impressed with his loyalty and ethics so she intrusted him with this very important command.

Admiral Suzuki was married and fathered three children. His eldest daughter served with him at Starbase 234 after she graduated from the academy. She served as a phaser bank officer and was killed during Timochenko's attack. Admiral Suzuki had no time to mourn his child as he led the defense of the starbase. He died leading the resistance against Timochenko's ground forces in the planet side ruins of Starbase 234. His final act was a suicidal attack on Timochenko's temporary headquarters on the planet. Admiral Takushiro Suzuki fell with his samurai sword in his hand leading the charge...

The way of the samurai warrior....

In The Mirror.. Timochenko Attacks Starbase 234! by StalinDC In The Mirror.. Timochenko Attacks Starbase 234! 
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This is awesome! I love the character design and your art style
sierra223's avatar

Exactly how I pictured him. Great character!!

StalinDC's avatar
Glad you like! :)
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Admiral Suzuki will be avenged!
StalinDC's avatar
Yes! He will! :D
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Once again, I really like the cultural touches and the depth of character you've given the main players in this civil war. Timshenko should have known better than to expect a leader like Suzuki to surrender! 
StalinDC's avatar
Thank you! Timochenko believes only in himself. He knew that Suzuki would resist but he didn't care. He didn't count on Suzuki destroying the shipyards! :o
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Never ask a Japanese to surrender, it won't happen. 
What happens to the rest of his family? 
StalinDC's avatar
That will be revealed later... stay tuned! :)
Bloodrave1984's avatar
I hope that coward Timshenko gets what he deserves for all the innocent lives he's taken and his lack of honour. 
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Nice OC ya got here :D
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Thanks! did a wonderful job on him! :)
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