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Krita Custom Brushes



These are some brushes that I made for myself for use in Krita. Most of them are Square themed, which I think creates an interesting painting experience. A lot of them have textures, and you should at least have Krita 2.5 to use them :)

Completely free to use in both commercial and non commercial art, no need to credit me or tell me that you've used them. (Though it would be cool to see what you guys do with them!)

No these do not work in Photoshop, Gimp or Sai. Since none of these are custom shapes, and just the default Square and Elipse shapes that come with Krita, there isn't any way to my knowledge to port these into another program, though they should be fairly easy to create!


Download and extract the file. Go into the folder and select the brush icons, COPY them.
Find the Krita file on your computer and find the paintoppresets file, for instance "/home/(youruser)/.kde/share/apps/krita/paintoppresets/". It may be in a different folder especially if you use Windows . This is just where it is on my distro. I'm not entirely sure if these will even work on Windows. Paste the brush files into the paintoppresets folder. Restart Krita. They should now be in your brush presets!

I hope this works ^^' I don't have any other way to test them. Let me know if they work or not, or how to fix it if they don't. I've never made brushes for Krita before.
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Even on Linux, it does not seem to work. Too bad, and thanks for the tutorial. I used to think Linux was good, but everything is an hassle with it. I don't have drivers either, that I can find.