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Just playing around with character design, felines, and the tale of the Nekomata.

So yes, he is a nekomata, he started out life as a stray tabby cat, but became a bakaneko and then a nekomata later.

He has a bitter attitude towards humans.

And the background was just thrown in.

I was gonna name this guy Akamizu but I thought that sounded a little dumb.

Named Kazuki, meaning One Tree. There is no special significance to this name, other than there is ONE TREE in this picture.
oh ho ho!
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a beautiful beast
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I like the picture. but what is a bakaneko and nekomata? i havn't heard that before.
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Bakaneko are monster cats from Japanese Mythology, if they have a split tail, or two full tails, theyre a Nekomata :)
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ok so somewhat like kitsunes only two tails
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very pretty background ^^ I like how you did the mane, as well as the soft shading
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He looks really fantastical, love the background and Kazuki himself x3
One Tree?! Oh ho ho You sir even though your not a sir are a genius xD
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Ahahaha XDDD Thanks
Its ok, at Best Buy I'm a Sir
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Your welcome^^
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I really like this piece stal, I like that it is not canine too! lol, j/k but I really like feline things too. I love the design and colors anatomy the thick legs are great..but I feel in my amateur opinion that the back is too straight accross. and if you deepened and increased his chest a little more would really go with his body well and give a great predatory powerful feel your are already getting here.. nice work bud
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Thanks very much x3 Youre probably right. I was going for a little bit of a housecat leftover with his anatomy. Like a stray kitty that transformed into a monster but still has remnants of a housecat, since thats the basic lore of a nekomata XD
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But youre right about the back, he looks a little arched and stiff, like hes holding himself up when cats usually just kinda hang all chill with their body and only use their muscles when necessary.
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Yes they do.. I hope to see more feline works form you I enjoy your art alot and i have kinda forgot how much I do love the feline critters.. i might need to give em a go!
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They are a lot of fun x3 I love cats, they have mood swings like people do, and theyre worthy adversaries in games of out-smarting each other.
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Oh yeah.. it really is true.. people don't cats .. cats have
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After owning Mimi for a year I am thoroughly convinced of that XD
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I love the background and the coloring of the character (: Very Nice.
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Thank you very much :3
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Nicely done.

Granted, I may be a little biased. :3
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Hahah XDDD nice!
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The face reminds me a bit of a lynx, and I like the touches of the loose fur around the hind legs.

The background looks good, but the gate around the bridge looks just a tiny bit shaky near the little hill it disappears into.

Nice work, overall. C:
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