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Fur Brushes

Before I go to bed I thought i would post this, turns out that probably a mistake cuz i cannot type for SHIT. Its like 1 AM here...and tired.

It was pretty obvious from your comments that Fur would be the big demand XD

big bulky brush in preview not in actual set of brushes (the top one)

So here! :)

There is a single hair to work with, a more time saving two and three hair, and some nice furry clumps.

The clumps react to the direction of your painting, so mind what youre doing there to learn how they'll behave. I recommend using a combination of brushes. Start with the bulk and move on to little detail.

I personally like to paint all my fur in rather than use brushes, but this method works well too.

:bulletblue: Free to use both commercially and non commercially. You don't have to credit me here or anywhere else. If someone asks, please tell them where you got them.
:bulletblue: If you post this brush pack on another site, ASK me first, and you MUST link back!
:bulletblue: You may not take credit for these brushes or sell them.
:bulletblue: I'd like to see a link of where you use them :) but you don't have to ^^'
:bulletblue: It would be nice if you faved when you downloaded ^^'
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Thanks for the brushes GOD bless
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are these brushes for FireAlpaca?
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Just kidding! Got it - Thanks so much
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How do you download the brushes?
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Than you for letting me use your brushes.
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merci Stalcry
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Vielen Dank :) 
A genuine thanks for sharing.
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ill be using these sometime <3 thanks!!

if i do use them you'll see the results on my da!
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i need a fur brush that will look like that of 3 inches when painted, pointy on edges. Single stroke that will have a pointy edge. This one of 3 pix doesn't do that.
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Thank you! <3.3
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Fave. Watch. Good work.
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How can I install your brush ?
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Thanks for providing!
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thanks...always looking for better hair and fur brushes
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Thanks :3 hope you enjoy them!
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They are excellent. All I have to do is figure out how to best use each brush. Hard to tell what pixel size, etc I need as I do mostly digital coloring of line art.
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I really do like this brush set - you did a wonderful job on it! I tested it out and I was able to make some nice hair textures that I'd like to try out on IMVU. If I like how they look, I'll be sure to upload them and link them here. n.n
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Just used this brush set for something that... isn't fur! But it worked surprisingly well. [link]
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