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Siren song II

By stalae
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WOW thank you for Daily Deviation! I love dA and all amazing users :)
You made my day :Heart:

model: Sara @ Submarine
designer: Katarzyna Konieczka
make-up&hair: Karolina Russak/MAGNUSFILM
photographer: Edyta Stala

Zdjęcie wykonane podczas warsztatów Digart.pl z Marcinem
Twardowskim i Katarzyną Konieczką w ramach Bicz Zlot Sopot 2012
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Is cool this costume
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This is a stunningly good composition. The colours and textures are striking, and the model has real presence...
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great concept and shot!
congratulation for the well deserved DD!
stay well!
Michael ;-)
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Amazing costuming... Stunning image...
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Fair gentle model :)
DeadCF's avatar
headache in middle of shooting? ugghhh the timing
Please-Not-Last's avatar
The lighting is nice, but something about the pose kind of irks me. Also, she is really pale. Sorry, but that's what I'm noticing. :O_o:
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Cool outfit, but it would probably act like a weight belt in water.
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ok I know a lot of people won't like this comment, but if they were intending the model to be a siren she should have more muscle tone due to all the swimming siren's would do, other then that awesome costume hair and makeup and pose.
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good point man.
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Actually, I think you make a fair point. :)
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O.o boy, this would fit beautifully into one of those older sci-fi psyhic-futuristic-postapocalipse/alienworld movies, like Dune, or the one with a time machine
KaoriSilverMoon's avatar
The one with the time machine? You mean Doctor Who?
Veratai's avatar
no, the other one, that has the mutated-ish version of the man that built the time machine
KaoriSilverMoon's avatar
Hm... I'm not sure about that one.
Nilithiel's avatar
It's called The Time Machine!
KaoriSilverMoon's avatar
Oh...okay. Good to know.
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Amazing photography and the costume is mind blowing.
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Congratulations on the well deserved DD!
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This is like sexy and spooky.
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