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1000 Years Ago…

During the reign of Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium of the Moon, an age of peace existed throughout the Sol System.

Until a witch named Beryl fell in love with a prince.

Angry and jealous of her unrequited love, Beryl allowed an evil entity named Queen Metaria, to give her power to turn the people of the Earth against those of the Moon. During her attack against the Moon Kingdom, the prince and his beloved princess were killed by the jealous Beryl. Along with many of the royals of the other planets, and the guardians of the Earth.

Using the power of the Silver Crystal, one of the strongest powers in the galaxy, Queen Serenity sealed away Metaria, Beryl and their Dark Kingdom, at the cost of her own life.

Before her death, the Moon Queen used the last of her powers to send the souls of her child, her court and her advisors to be reborn on Earth.

In the present day…

Two cats have set out to find the heir of the Moon Kingdom.

A pack of wolves have set out to find the Guardians of Earth and protectors of the Moon Kingdom.


This is an AU Sailor Moon group. We aim to focus on OC creation and development, Role Playing and art creation.

This canon contains NO CANON SENSHI. Some rare exceptions will be made for plot purposes but Usagi Tsukino and other canon heroes are not present. However, their respective names, powers and titles will be present.

Canon villains will be present to threaten the Earth, with some surprises.

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Leaders of the Sailor Senshi





We understand that as a community as a whole, Sailor Moon characters tend to be on the Sue-ish side, and we want to avoid that all costs. We want to make this a fun group where you can make a character who can grow and develop with everyone.

1. No Sues/Stus.
We know it is all too easy to make a Sue Senshi when creating a SM OC. We don’t want to see any of those here. There are no Solar Senshi (Sun/Sol/Solar, etc.) and no ‘Star’ Senshi. The Sailor StarLights are from their own planet and galaxy, not from Earth, so no ‘Sailor Star ___’ characters. This also means no names of individual stars (Sirius, Polaris, etc) either. Names of constellations will be judged on a person to person basis, but this does not mean that your Senshi can have a whole constellation all her own.

No comets or asteroids or meteors or any other celestial bodies either. Planets are reserved for admins to make things fair to everyone. And yes, I am aware that there are other planets in our solar system, but we are sticking with the known planets back in the 1990’s.

This also means no Chibi, Mini, or Neo Senshis. All Senshi are of the present generation and not from the future!

2. No Male Senshi.
We are keeping with the canon dictated by Takeuchi-sensei herself that only WOMEN can be Sailor Senshi. However, you are permitted to have a ‘Knight’ who is gifted with a Star Seed/Sailor Crystal. Canonly, Tuxedo Mask had a Star Seed/Sailor Crystal, as he was the prince and guardian of Earth.

3. No Royals.
To make things fair to everyone, none of the Heavenly or Earthly stars may claim to be a princess, prince, king or queen or any other royal title. This is reserved for the Planetary Senshi only, and those positions are for admin only. (Admin slots will be opened at a later point).

4. Canon
Although this is an AU, we are following the majority of the manga canon, with some elements of the second anime and PGSM for updated times and technology. We are starting at the beginning with the Dark Kingdom and will progress through the series slowly, with some original villains thrown in. But this means we won't be having elements like the Pure Heart Crystals or Dream Mirrors from the 90's animes.
If you have a question about this while writing up your character history, feel free to ask myself,  MagicalCrystalWings or CraneRelmaraVaerun .

5. Civilian Names and Location
The initial setting of this plot is based in Japan, but that does NOT mean your character has to be Japanese. You are more than welcome to make your character American, British, German, etc. Just be consistent! Don’t make your character German and give them a Japanese name, or vise versa. If you intend to make a biracial character, please keep this in mind as well. Be creative!

6. Pets and Guardians
Pets and Guardian animals are two different things. A pet is a NON-TALKING, NON-MAGICAL animal. A Guardian is what Luna, Artemis, Phobos, Deimos, and the Wolf Pack are. They are animal-like aliens who are tasked with locating and protecting the Heir of the Moon and the Sailor Senshi and Knights. Your character may have a pet or pets, but not a Guardian to start with. Guardians may be obtained via the Star Piece system.

7. Ranks
All characters start at the Basic rank. As such, your character cannot start off at a Super or Eternal rank. Growth will be determined based on activity and participation in the group which will reward Member Points (MP). Obtaining a certain amount of MP will allow you to rank up and obtain new abilities and skills.
Ranks are as follows:
Special ranks include royal and nobility forms, along with special positions such as a high priest or priestess. Special rank does NOT mean you are an Admin.

8. Powers, Attacks and Special Abilities
There are 108 Stars of Destiny, and as such, some Senshi and Knights are bound to have similar powers.
That does not mean that we want 10 fire-based Senshi or the like or 5 water elemental Senshi, for example. This also means certain powers and abilities are off limits. You cannot have power over Time, or have the destructive capabilities of Saturn. This also means that they cannot have access to Elysion and Helios/Pegasus.

All characters start out with a maximum of two attacks for their Senshi form. A new attack may be obtained via the Battle Point system, maximum of five total.
They can be offensive (attack), defensive, or supportive (healing, barriers). But this does not mean that they can ‘cleanse’ monsters or transformed humans. That is a trait belonging to the Silver and Golden Crystals.

Some special traits and powers are allowed in civilian form, similar to how Sailor Mars could read fires and receive premonitions, and Sailor Jupiter could sense danger in the form of the wind and storms.

9. Senshi/Knight Names and Titles
The naming system for the Sailor Senshi is Sailor ‘Creature’, protected by the ‘Heavenly/Earthly __ Star’.
Names can be any animal or mythical creature (except Pegasus) but only one per member. So there cannot be a Sailor Dragon if there is a Sailor Draco, for example. No zodiac names either, to be fair. And to point out, no metal or gem titles. These are not Animamates!

Knight names do not follow any particular pattern, but let’s be original. No ‘__ Mask’ characters, and let’s try to be creative. If there is a character with ‘Knight’, try to pick something else.

Titles refer to what some Senshi are referred to as. This includes Mercury as ‘Senshi of Wisdom and Intellect’. Or Mars as ‘Senshi of War and Fire’. If you are having trouble coming up with a title for your character, feel free to ask myself or leave it blank.

10. Weapons, Items and Special Items
All Senshi and Knights start off with no weapons or special items (Talismans, crystals, etc). These may be earned upon ranking up and the Battle Point system.

Senshi characters start with the following: 1 Henshin Item (Star Pens for Heavenly Stars, Star Rods for Earthly Stars)
1 Communicator/Disguise (Teletia TH or Teletia CE)
1 Special Choice (Mini-Computer, Visor/Sunglasses, or Accessory)

Knight characters start with the following: 1 Henshin Item
1 Communicator/Disguise (Teletia K)
1 Special Choice (Mini-Computer, Visor/Sunglasses, or Accessory)

11. Creativity
Try not to copy any canon backstories. Those who are protected by the planets may use similarities to their canon counterparts, but let’s again try to be original here. No exact copying of any of the originals. Really put some thought into the history of your character.
This also applies to colors and design for your characters. Try to be creative when designing your Senshi or Knights.

12. Plot
The plot will follow the usual canon, first with the Dark Kingdom, and then the Black Moon Clan, and so on. So do not try and have characters from later arcs appearing before their time. No Shadow Galactica/Animamates showing up during the Dark Kingdom.

Some of the normal plot will be changed for group purposes and for special events.

13. Relationships
Relationships to any canon character, hero or villain, is not permitted. No children or siblings or cousins or anything to any canon characters. Friendships and romantic relationships with villains are potential but not guaranteed. Admins have the final say about this, so if we say no, then you cannot say your character is involved with a villain.

Relationships between member characters must be decided and agreed upon by all members involved. So you cannot say that your Senshi is now dating another member’s Senshi/Knight without their permission. If a person says you cannot date their character, respect their choice.

14. Character Alignments
Your character does not have to be a ‘hero’. You are permitted to have an evil Senshi or Knight, or even a neutral character. You can even ask to have your character brainwashed into working for a villain team to fight against other Senshi. Your character can later be ‘saved/healed’ from this brainwashing.

However, if your character is evil and not working for one of the villain groups, this does not mean your character can actively try to outdo the other villains. This also means that if your group is defeated but your character is still alive when the enemy is defeated that they cannot automatically take over the defeated group.

Evil characters players are not required to disclose their alignment to other players but must be disclosed to the Admins.

15. Non-Player Characters (NPC)
Plot related NPCs will be controlled by Admins. Character specific NPCs, such as members of a particular character’s family, will be handled by that member.

16. Character Deaths
There are three options for character deaths: Plot-related, a fresh start/character change, or leaving the group.

Plot-related deaths usually are limited to ‘temporary deaths’ as with the case of final battles against the enemies, in which the fallen heroes are usually revived upon victory. Temporary death also applies to characters who are killed, usually in a heroic sacrifice, and are potentially revived by the enemy. Your character may die and be reborn as an infant or child, to grow up anew, but this must be approved by Admins.
You can have your character placed in 'stasis' meaning there will be no interaction with your character, though there may be a quest involved to bring said character back, this must be approved by Admins. This can be treated as an event, and can be used to suspend your character in the event of a prolonged absence (preserving your star).

Fresh starts mean that your character is changing entirely. For example, a Senshi may be killed in battle and die a permanent death. They are then reincarnated into an entirely new character. You may ask for a new Guardian Star, but the previous Star will become available to other members. Applications will be required for such an event of a new character.

You will NOT have the character at the member rank you currently have. That character must have a little bit of a build up before reaching your appropriate rank. Sorry folks no 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. It may not seem fair but it makes helps us avoid OP Sues and Stus who can magically 'revive' or be 'reborn' for no apparent reason. You will, however, keep any MP that you had before your character death.

Leaving the group will entail that your character has died a permanent death and the powers of their Guardian Star will be made available to other members.

In the event that you WANT to leave, we'd like you to fill out a small questionnaire as to why you are leaving. If we can convince you to stay, great! If you're just not feeling it, okay. We'll give you a beautiful tragic death for the ages!
If you MIGHT be back please refer to section one regarding plot death. We can say that something in your life came up and prevented you from actively participating In the event of your character's death with no chance of you returning, your name (user and character) will be placed upon the Honored Stars list.
If you are just generally obnoxious/art thief/harass other players, or are particularly belligerent to an admin we WILL have an admin court. I, Angel, get the final say, but your case will be reviewed and if you are determined to be a detriment to the group you can lose ranking (Rank Reset) have skills and stats downgraded (Character Modification) or be banned.

If you are banned as a result of an Admin court we will give you a final farewell RP moment where an admin will decide how to dispose of your character. Do not expect it to be pretty, it will likely be a death. Your name(user and character) will then be consigned to the Shamed Stars list, which will list the reason for your banning.

Hope these rules are helpful in creating your character for the group! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
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