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Pastelgoth stamp

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This can be a thing if people want it to 
It may not be goth but it's based off of goth and it uses gothic themes. It's not a big deal, let people call themselves what they want. vvvvvvv
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Not trying to hate or anything, but it technically isn't goth. 
I see the style as lolita, rather than goth.
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Pastel "goth" is not goth. Maybe just call it "pastel" or something like "tumblr trend".
It's really... I mean even CYBER goth makes sense. I thought those 12 year old emo-scenesters hanging around Hot Topic were bad, "Pastel Goths" are killing goth.
I don't mind the whole fashion trend, it's just not fucking goth.
I'd say it's closer to lolita... And the argument that it's just taking gothic trends and changing the colors is fucking retarded and misinformed. No, you're goth wish a HUGE DASH OF TUMBLR OPPRESSION AND FLOWER PRINTS, YES, let's all look like CURTAINS.
It's the name, and the minority tumblr extremists who ruin "pastel goth" for me. Anyone else who likes the style is fine by me... just... don't fucking think you're goth
you're not.
Find something else to call it man.
{I'm complaining about the few assholes, you know the ones who look all the same and treat things like sexuality like it's their personality. We've all seen em' hanging around DeviantART. The first thing you know about them is what new shit pronouns they're making up. And they're all SO OPPRESSED.}
It kind of reminds me of My Immortal. fanfic
haha this comment is all over the place. Whatever someone will get angry at it no matter what.
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Yea, it's more of a fashion style. 
I technically have been Goth for the past 4 years and happened to get really attracted by the ''Pastel Goth'' fashion. What creeped me out is...the rest. I thought I could still be myself but people actually got me wrong so I am trying my best to stay out. My parents , as well, have thought of me as a bad person when I switched to the new fashion style. Most pastels in my highschool pretend it and act... not quite nice. I just hope one day people will understand what is a fashion and what is a culture indeed. I am tired of.... fakies.
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finally someone says it
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I can't understand why so many people love this style so much.
Just seems like a bunch of lolitas trying to be hardcore, from what I see
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Its not really trying to be hardcore. Its just taking gothic themes and changing the color pallet. I dont consider it to be part of the gothic culture though. Just some one who uses the themes of it in pastel colors. But its not for everyone though. So its okay to not like it.
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Well yeah i guess you're right man :I
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to be honest that's pretty much why i like it
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to be honest that's pretty much why it's bullshit
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well its fun to draw bullshit
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lol good response XD 
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