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Sometimes I imagine that Link's actually a little prick, even though he's the legendary hero... or rather BECAUSE he's THE legendary hero and therefore thinks he could do whatever the fuck he wants... (like, breaking pots like a maniac or bullying "helpless" coocoos).

Anyway, whenever Zelda says that we gotta go back to the Tower of Spirits quickly, I usually want to do some sidequests first. And whenever I do sidequests first (like, driving Zelda's butler to the middle of nowhere and getting a load of rupees for it), I always have this image in my mind (only that it looks waaaay better in my head).

This pic took me an eternity to finish, so I'm glad I'm finally done.
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And that's exactly what I did.
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This made me laugh waaaaay more than usual! :iconcoolplz: I do just about the same thing in Spirit Tracs.....well actually every game I play! XD I always procrastinate for the most ridiculous things when I'm supposed to be saving the world! XD 

This is an awesome picture! :iconhappylinkplz:
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((awesome XD))
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Who doesn't want that :XD:
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Oh gosh lol I always dreaded going to the ToS so I'd always do all the sidequests that I could do and then some more before I headed there each time.
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That's sooooooo me all the time. Especially when I was playing Spirit Tracks.
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Spirit Tracks in a nutshell. XD
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Omg this XD Ahaha I love it! I imagine this all the time! (Not for this game, I haven't played it yet.) You made me laugh XD
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