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Booker Dewitt

Booker Dewitt from the upcoming game Bioshock: Infinite.
Cosplay by: :sandercohen13:
Model: :sandercohen13:
Makeup: Angie and :sandercohen13:
Photos: Angie
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2592x3872px 2.14 MB
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10/800 second
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38 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 15, 2012, 5:02:52 AM
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BlueNose1982's avatar
Awesome cosplay. And I still love the game. I got it Remastered on XBOX One. And it is still the best. :)
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I actually just uploaded a bunch more pictures of my cosplay, if you're curious to see them friend!
B-a-t-o-u's avatar
Quick question if I may be so bold as to ask!

Where did you acquire/what brand of airsoft pistol is the Mauser C96 you have here in the picture? I'm looking for one with a similar meatiness to it, but all the ones I've found seem much smaller in comparison.
StaggzCosplay's avatar
I actually just uploaded some more cosplay pictures of me as booker as well with the skyhook instead of the C96
StaggzCosplay's avatar
Check Amazon, they should have a bunch. it was pretty cheap too. only 20 dollars.
Italyco's avatar
of course it was a compliment ;)
Italyco's avatar
I don't know, but your face reminds me Pierce Brosnan. however awesome cosplay :D
StaggzCosplay's avatar
Well, I can see what you mean :) He actually kinda reminds me of Booker in a way for some reason (the younger him... so I definitely take that as a compliment! :D
MadameRel's avatar
Wow. Good job.
cocoynuts's avatar
Badass cosplay Dude!
Bjornieman's avatar
Just curious: where did you get the holster? I happen to be looking for one too... ;)
Radu-B's avatar
toughraid3r37890's avatar
OMG Perfect!!!!!!! :D ;)
Party9999999's avatar
Nice work I must say
wolf117M's avatar
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! awesome job on the costume. uncanny likeness if i do say so m'self

(also, long time no see)
wolf117M's avatar
Dude, don't mention it. your costumes are allways awesome :D
kawaiineko36's avatar
WOW. This is awesome. Very accurate, in everything! (even the gun omg) The hair and makeup is wonderful, and the composition of the picture is great! It's been a long time since I've seen your stuff around, but I can see why! : D
StaggzCosplay's avatar
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