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1. Your profile

[ ] You've had some kind of "I hate people" | "I swear a lot get fucking over it" stamp on your page

[ ] You've had a black & white gif on your page

[x] "name | pronouns | sexuality | taken <3" (or something similar) has been on your page at some point

[ ] Your page has been extremely short or just empty

[ ] White, black or hipster background

[x] Your "best friends" has been in your custom box

[ ] Being a beta-tester because the white circle around the star is edgier

[ ] Your location has been Antartica, Christmas Island or some other random place 0.000000000001% of the worlds population lives

[x] Your tagline is a quote or an inside joke

[x] Your "Real name" is something weird and/or random 

[x] You don't have your age displayed

[ ] Your icon is a super expensive one that is really difficult to get 

[ ] Your icon is a drawing you made and isn't pixelart/animated

[x] "Please reply to this comment if you want to talk to me!" 

[ ] You've had a linked icon with someone

[ ] Your activity and statistics are disabled


2. Your art

[ ] Black and white drawing

[ ] Using song lyrics as titles

[ ] Drawing blood and putting on "Mature Tag" 

[x] You've drawn FNAF, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall and/or Mystery Skulls "Ghost" art 

[ ] You've stored a lot of your old art 

[x] Drawing crying animals 

[x] You draw animals or humans facing slightly to the left (or right)

[x] At least one of your characters is either pansexual and/or trans (they're all super pan tbh)

[x] You have at least one character that isn’t canine or feline 

[ ] You use SAI 

[/] You hate your art 

[x] You’ve made adopts

[ ] Your art is kind of built up like this: 
Buildart by dalmins


3. Your journals

[x] You've been doing memes like these and posting them 

[x] You've posted vauge journals directed at one person, without tagging that person

[x] "Join this raffle!" journal

[ ] Having a journal skin with your fursona next to the box 


4. Your username

[ ] You've replaced a capital i with a lowercase L to make it look like an i (or something similar)

[x] Your username consist of two words put together

[x] Bonus point if those words are seperated with a dash (-)

[ ] Your username is a word in another language than english


5. Your behaviour

[ ] You have a secondary favourites folder where you favourite everything

[x] You have a "For me!!" favourites folder or something similar

[x] You comment with small letters like these or any other format than the default one

[ ] You write in all caps when something is funny to you

[ ] You write very "professionally" even though you're like 13-15 

[ ] You’re set to «Invisible» and not «Online»


6. Other stuff

[x] Your significant other is someone from another country/other side of the country that you've never met. And you met them on dA!

[ ] You hate deviantART but lack the courage to leave it 

[x] You have a DS/3DS with Pokemon 

[x] You watch over 300+ people (more like thousands)

[x] You like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons or My Chemical Romance 

[x] You used dAhub at least once 

[x] You’ve moved accounts at least once 

Total: 21 1/2 / 51

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June 7, 2016


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