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CammyPawz  sorry for all these

1. What's the first letter of your crush's name?

2. Is he/she usually at your school, your street, or both?
we live in different states so

3. Is he/she already close to you?
yis uwu

4. How long have you known the person?
a few years?

5. Is he/she like your best friend or just 'a guy/girl'?
best friend< 3

6. Is he/she cute?

7. Do you stalk him/her?

8. Who starts the conversations? Him/her or you?
its a mix

9. What about?
anything rlly 

1o. How long have you liked him/her?
few years

11. Did you have any crushes before him/her?

12. What's the most awkwardest moment?
-shruggles- idk CammyPawz you tell me XD

13. What was the most fun moment?
anytime we speak

14. What was the saddest moment?
whenever she's rllly upset i hate it so much and get so sad

15. Is he/she a perv?
i would say sorta yah

16. Does he/she curse a lot?
i dont think so

17. Do you know his/her friends?
not rlly 

18. Are you in different 'cliques'?
if we went to the same school we'd be in the same clique

19. What would you do if you were separated?
i would be really sad and upset and i dont want that to ever happen please stop putting these thoughts in my head

2o. Do you plan on confessing to him/her?
already have

21. How do you plan on having that 'romantic kiss'?
yes yes 

22. HAVE you ever kissed him/her?
i wish

23. Did he/she ever give you a present?
yis, many beautiful drawings <3

24. Did you ever give him/her a present?
mhm, i have drawn her many things 

25. Have you ever felt so jealous of a girls/boys close to him/her?

25. Did you ever think he/she was jealous of another guy or girl for you?

26. Have you ever danced?
i wish hnn 

27. Has he/she ever comforted you when you were down?
all the time tbh

28. Have you ever comforted him/her?
i dont know if it would be considered comforting but i tried my best to cheer her up and stuff (i suck at that tho thats why i say idk if it would be considered comforting)

29. Did he/she ever fight with someone over you?
not that i know of

3o. Did you ever fight over him/her with someone?
i dont think so

31. Are you blushing embarrassed whenever your friends tease you about him/her?
i dont get teased so xD

32. Who knows you like him/her?
all my friends

33. Do you have a current boy/girlfriend right now?
yep and it's her 

34. Does your crush know you have a boy/girlfriend?
lmao if not that would be awkward

35. Did you two ever date each other?
we are right now ! 

36. If you were to have a dance with him/her, like in a ballroom kinda thing, what would you wear?
if it was just the both of us, i would try to look nice, but i dont wanna wear a dress or anything?? 
i'd probs wear my MCR shirt and some skinny jeans bcuz thats what i look best in and ye 
but if others were there, or if i was jut feeling fancy i'd wear a dress i own, its kinda shorter and white with a black strip on the waist. idk why im explaining this i have a picture lmao 
14006 851628294882594 585182276453430254 N by STAG-KING (im on the left. well obviously bcuz its the white dress) 

37. What would he/she be wearing right?
idk. probably smthing super cute

38. How do you plan on confessing to him/her?
i already have so 

39. If you had children, what would you name them?
i dont know?? i rlly like the name Ryker tho 

4o. Have you ever dreamed or day dreamed about him/her?
all the time 

41. If he/she ever had to rescue you, what would you like to be rescued from?
probably from my own stupidity

42. Would your parents approve?
most likely yes

43. Do his/her parents approve of you?
probably not... they're v homophobic and stuff from what i know 

44. What's the sweetest thing he/she's ever done for you?
everythingg<3 mainly just being there for me tho

45. Has he/she ever saved you before?

46.Do you guys have the same Interest?
lots of things xD

47. If you two were to get married, who'd be your maid of honor?

48. Has he/she ever insulted you?
legit always

49. Do you think this is one of those long time crushes or one of those 'I'll give him a week' crushes until you find someone else?
well im dating her so... long time 

50. What is something about crushes you would like to say?
idek lmaooooo.
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Submitted on
January 30, 2016