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Defiance For Science

Promotional artwork for March for Science, April 22, 2017. I plan to use it as my sign at my local sister march. Feel free to use it yourself - you have my permission to print it on any medium, including your own shirt, for personal use.

You can now get T-shirts and more of this and other artwork. 100% of the proceeds will go to the March for Science!

Show me how you're using this artwork! I'd love to see pictures! Share yours with the hashtag #MarchForScience!

Stock Credits:
LOOMtones A02 Vertical Lines by LOOMcomics 
ohmystars bokeh stock by TrishaMonsterr-stock  sunburst by muffet1
Also: StockUnlimited*
*Which I highly recommend - it's basically stock on a Netflix-style pricing system. It's neat.
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I marched with this sign yesterday in Los Angeles and got an amazing response. Thank you for sharing!
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Nice! :D I found several pictures from the Los Angeles march. Maybe you're in one of them!
Wonderful design. I saw this image all over at today’s March for Science in San José, California.
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Awesome! Thanks for telling me; it led me to a bunch of pics, and I hadn't seen a single one all day. :D
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Thank You; I've seen this literally in THOUSANDS of places. You have created a truly inspirational piece of art:)
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Where were you at? I'd love to look it up. 
We'll be using this in Chico, CA. Thank you!!
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Nice! Good luck tomorrow!
I'll be carrying this sign in SF. Thanks!
Is there a hi res version?
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Sorry, I had the download turned off. It's on now. =)
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Thank you for doing this. I am recycling an old political coroplast sign with large printed signs. I needed something vertical to go on the other side of my sign and your permission is perfect. I will try to take a photo if I can!

It'll be at the DC March.
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That sounds amazing. I so wish I could go, but my local chapter in Bellingham ought to be big!
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My #MarchForScience DC sign.…

I will try to share action photos with you as well. 
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PS: Does DeviantArt do private messages? Because if so, PM me a mailing address for you and I will send you my sign after the March. You deserve to have a keepsake copy of this sign! It is mounted to coroplast so it'll last. 
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DeviantArt apparently doesn't notify me if you reply to your own comment even if it's in a thread I've responded to. Sorry for slowness. ;)

Thanks a lot for the pic! You know, you're one of less than 5 people who showed me, but I was happy to find lots of pictures regardless. It was a great honor to me to help people express their feelings in this way. I am blown away by such an offer. DA does do PMs (look for "notes"), but you can also email me at 
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DeviantArt didn't notify me of your reply to my comment either, so here I am over a year later replying to you to let you know that my sign was stollen after the March. :( I went inside the Conservatory and by their rules had to leave signs outside. There was a whole stack and people seemed very respectful about not taking the ones in the stack, so I added mine, expecting to find it when I returned from looking at the plants. Not so. :: deep sigh ::

So someone, somewhere, has the physical copy of your sign work. I hope they get joy from it.
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Where do I find instructions on how to download this?
I would like to make a tshirt to wear at the science March using this image. Can I have your permission to use it just for me?
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Yes you can. I will be announcing where they may be bought to support the match soon, too. Either way. Send me a pic! =D
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*March dang phone
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This is so awesome, thank you!
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You're most welcome. =)
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