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A Winter's Tale

By StacyKendra
Donalind, better known under the alias Remy fra Reinvald at the Ringward.

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Arabesque Texture by pambihirangbata
Medieval Fabric by SweetAmorito
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Good stuff, I like the style :)
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Wow, well you certainly aren't making it easy to guess the gender with those tags XD. Idk it seems more like a feminine figure than a male one even though it could go either way. Its certainly well done and I love the color scheme, the red, brown and gold go together very well.  
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For the record, though, I chose the tags almost exclusively based on what search terms I thought would help people find this rather than the actual facts about the character. =D
Razajin's avatar
You know I can appreciate that. Sometimes its taken me forever to find a picture I saw once since either there are no tags or I'm looking up the wrong ones. Thanks :)
StacyKendra's avatar
Thank you very much. On the androgyny, I'll note you. ;)