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As promised, a little "thank you" fanfic for :iconroruna: in return for being kind enough to donate to my little Discworld-themed fundraiser.

Besides, I had to answer the question, "So, what *was* the bit with Mavis Trouncer that he wanted to forget?", now didn't I?
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katzille's avatar
awesome °.°
I love all your fics. The characters are always acting in a realistic way (not ooc) and the way you described it, I can easily imagine the bond between Sam and his mother. I'm looking forward for more stuff :)
stacieyates's avatar
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it, and that you took the time to comment!
artildawn's avatar
Another great piece. You've done a fine job further fleshing out Vimes. And it was nice to "meet" his mum,
stacieyates's avatar
Thank you for leaving a comment. I've wondered quite a bit about what his mother might have been like. The little hints we get in some of the later books are so tantalizing.
The-French-Belphegor's avatar
Thoroughly enjoyable, poor Sam =D I must admit that the Crying Game solution didn't cross my mind, but now I won't be able to read this part in Thud without thinking about this fic :) Bravo, great read!
stacieyates's avatar
Heh, I toyed with the thought of doing the "she's a man, baby!" option, but decided I probably couldn't stop shaking (with laughter) long enough to write it, even if I tried.
Roruna's avatar
*plotz* Oh that was great! There were some definite cringe-worthy moments. I must say of all the scenarios I imagined of The Bit With Mavis Trouncer*, you're tops them all.

Of course... now you got the plot bunnies stirring.

*one of them involving a Crying Game like misunderstanding.
stacieyates's avatar
I did toy with that idea, but figured I couldn't actually write it. Besides, his inability to quite get to grips with the "they were both *dwarfs*" explanation in The Fifth Elephant made me think he hadn't ever had an up close encounter with any of those people who, as he put it, took a more "pick-and-mix" approach when it comes to the lists of love.
Roruna's avatar
There is that too. Honestly, being caught by his mum is by far the most uncomfortable.
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