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Schizophrenic Prayer

By stacemyster
So afraid of rejection
Hide inside ourselves
Acting like strangers to avoid the pain

We collect our phobias
Our sicknesses
Feel so good only when we can complain

In your arms
Feels like a better us
In your arms

Dancing around the fire
Getting drunk with the night
Nobody is ever who they seem to be

Hypnos give us your hand
We so tire of this life
Need to rest and finally disappear

In your arms
Feels like a better us
In your arms

Schizophrenic Prayer - Riverside

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-I'm do not want 2 scare all people
But dat me wiz my gf!
She call me "Pretty ripper",
I'm took her on the shelf
We much of life expirienced:
Those masses never lived!
She-her arm vein's pierced,
Me-wiz pot got freaky trip.
If not believe-email me,
Much of thousand half my clone's!
Or, only send fee
&ur path way never won.
Thought's flight in rapping,
Go on special link.
Not last lapping,
Type same nick in «Bing».
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Wowww!!!! Beautiful work!!!! :clap:
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