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Hello, hello! Thanks for stopping by. You can call me Staarbits, Staar, Rii, or whatever is most comfortable for you! I've been here on dA for many, many years at this point. I'm not nearly as active as I used to be thanks to work and school, but I still pop in occasionally to check messages and post art. Eclipse doesn't agree with me either, so there's also that unfortunate deterrent on top of everything else. I don't always respond to every comment (though I do try!) but I do read and I appreciate every single one. Everyone's support and friendship even after all these years truly means the world to me ; v ; Thank you so, so much!





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This is a little random but I remember watching your old speedpaints when I was like... 7? And it inspired me to get more into art! Ofc it's been a long long time since then but I just wanted to say thanks? Something like that😭


I'm so sorry about the late response - I only just started peeking back in here again recently. But if my art can help/inspire anyone in absolutely any way at all, that honestly makes me happier than anything else possibly could! I don't know if I saw any of your art back in those days, but looking at it now, it's absolutely gorgeous and you're doing an amazing job with it!!!

hi there, I really love ur art! Btw are art trades/requests open atm cuz I wanna do one!

Omg thank you so much! That means a lot ; v ;;

Unfortunately though I have too much on my plate to do trades atm, but maybe at some point in the future!

NP! pls remind me when they reopen in the future!

Hello I been wanting to tell you this for years. I'm flame girl the one who was 13 and stole your art and got my account constantly banned.I want to apologize for my bad behavior long ago and wanted to let you know I don't that anymore. I'm 21 now and I'm just glad to finally get this off my chest.

Hey there! Sorry about the late reply. Work keeps me pretty busy and I don't check dA as often as I should.

As much as I appreciate the apology, it really isn't necessary ; v ; I don't blame people for the things they do as young kids on the internet. Art and social interactions online are a learning experience for everyone. I have and still do make mistakes, too. No one is perfect. As long as people acknowledge and learn from their mistakes and keep doing so throughout their lives, that's all I can really ask for. But thank you nevertheless! I know it probably wasn't easy coming here to say that, so it means a lot <33