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EDIT: Add a more visible watermark cause too many people have stolen this image saying that it was own...

A work made a long time ago

Made with Photoshop CS2

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The ~wallpaper-club has my full permission to submit this deviation in its gallery.
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Really awesome!!!
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Great idear! I would really buy this as a t-shirt!! :(
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and the next is a pic of a guy stood with a dog and the caption 'okay too'
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This should be on a T-shirt!

Great work!
Nware's avatar
Excellent idea :)
So true
Insta-Fav XD!!
IoNoobMaster's avatar
realy cool wallpaer... it tells the truth lol
swandiave's avatar
:lol: i agree 100% since i am muslim :#1: but i cant afford it
excellent idea, really love it!
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Am I the only one who feels this submission only perpetuates that men really are asshole-ish pigs?

I mean hey isn't there enough crap out there to suggest guys are sex obsessed uncaring morons? It's humorous I guess but for the most part I guess I will just never understand what is so great about threesomes.

On top of that I guess I just hate seeing stuff out there that makes it all the harder for guys to get girls to take us seriously in terms of relationships. To be honest the only people this impresses is other guys :P
gabriela2400's avatar
jo, excellent, simply and certainly
ajeetksingh's avatar
lol ... nice work
st3to's avatar
thank you! :)
Da--Master's avatar
So wrong, but so hilarious; I can't stop laughing! :D
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