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A big :hug: and thank you to all those take time to come here to wish me a "happy birthday" and dedicated me a photo.
So here a little "thank you" feature to all (in alphabetical order).

<da:thumb id="376696297"/> <da:thumb id="376696204"/> <da:thumb id="376696446"/>

<da:thumb id="416554092"/> <da:thumb id="403662021"/> <da:thumb id="380502883"/>

I'm Smiling 6914 by Tommy Propest by TommyPropest-Candler  Winter's Peace by TommyPropest-Candler <da:thumb id="408959461"/>

Lucioles by amiejo  Motar and pestle by amiejo  Incertitudes by amiejo

Moon Musings by Anj3lla  Hand that Feeds by Anj3lla  Pleasure by Anj3lla


<da:thumb id="417186681"/> <da:thumb id="415900209"/> <da:thumb id="415048924"/>

there are nights when only the moon howls by awfultosee  38.52 - everyone is a moon. by awfultosee  i was made to taste your kiss. by awfultosee

Untitled by Batsceba  Pa250113 by Batsceba  anything is possible by Batsceba

Seclusion by Bizkit66  Wibble by Bizkit66  Highlighted by Bizkit66

Pink Is My Favorite Color by BklynGirl  You Bring Me Joy by BklynGirl  Fragile by BklynGirl

The Heart of the Lily by BrightStar2  When You Wish Upon A Star by BrightStar2  Fields of Dream's by BrightStar2

Frozen Desire by Canankk  On The River by Canankk  This Little Bird by Canankk

Tumulus by chriseastmids  blue monk rested here by chriseastmids  made in Italy by chriseastmids

Snow In May by DamaInNero  Charon by DamaInNero  The Sentinel on Duty by DamaInNero

Cat BW by DarkBorder  For you by DarkBorder <da:thumb id="413610372"/>

much too bright... by DaWonderer  there's the light by DaWonderer  hang around by DaWonderer

Personal slice by Destroyer77  That means you by Destroyer77  Statue and buildings by Destroyer77

Selfless by Deviantinterested  Finnesse by Deviantinterested  Delicate 3 by Deviantinterested

Mother of pearl pendant by edelweiss-workshop  Braided red howlite set by edelweiss-workshop  Braided wood pendant by edelweiss-workshop

<da:thumb id="417173383"/> <da:thumb id="306548051"/> <da:thumb id="301305239"/>

<da:thumb id="417657516"/> <da:thumb id="408521624"/>  Poppy Sweetness by gigi50

S4 by jennystokes  Michel by jennystokes  St. Barbara. USA by jennystokes

<da:thumb id="414958597"/> <da:thumb id="377252782"/> <da:thumb id="350270558"/>

Behind Closed Eyelids by Joe-Maccer  Oh Well by Joe-Maccer  Indian Ropeman by Joe-Maccer



<da:thumb id="414972477"/>  Light by k-i-mm-i-e  Hello Kitty by k-i-mm-i-e

Hooks by kpza  Warm Yellow by kpza  Blossom when as you  feel.. by kpza

Rosas by LaraBLN  Happy New Year 2013!!! (Last Train Home) by LaraBLN  Field of the Sunflowers by LaraBLN

<da:thumb id="409151063"/> <da:thumb id="382913214"/> <da:thumb id="352696592"/>

la candela di cera corporale by martaraff  Punto per punto by martaraff  Soul in BW by martaraff

temmuz 2013 by MeralSarioglu  Yol... by MeralSarioglu  new year by MeralSarioglu

<da:thumb id="409686674"/> <da:thumb id="407879557"/> <da:thumb id="409099057"/>

1 by m-gosia  JANE.. by m-gosia  loner by m-gosia

THIRDS by morningstarskid  FLOW by morningstarskid  WILD SKY by morningstarskid

<da:thumb id="414636232"/> <da:thumb id="414361990"/> <da:thumb id="410222944"/>

Jabba The Frog by Nikki-vdp  Elusive Kitty by Nikki-vdp  Little Dots And Red by Nikki-vdp

Morning on Earth by Pajunen  Uspenski Cathedral by Pajunen  Shinjuku Evening by Pajunen

It's Mine! by PhotographsByBri  Hunger Strikes by PhotographsByBri  Cold by PhotographsByBri

Baby Flycatchers by PridesCrossing  Sunshine and Dandelions by PridesCrossing  For Juno by PridesCrossing

<da:thumb id="362601974"/> <da:thumb id="340914362"/> <da:thumb id="328176887"/>

Aroma by sesam-is-open  Antithesis by sesam-is-open  Novel Of Life by sesam-is-open

Migrating cranes by ShlomitMessica  Summer is ending by ShlomitMessica  Happy birthday, Garrison by ShlomitMessica

Dawn of a New Day by smallsofthamish  Fire Dragons Approach by smallsofthamish  Bewick's Swan by smallsofthamish

Christmas in Paris by Princess-Suki-W  Cineraire maritime by Princess-Suki-W  A Feeling Called Nostalgia by Princess-Suki-W

Heading North by surrealistic-gloom  Mixed Forest in Fall by surrealistic-gloom  Black Bird On a Branch by surrealistic-gloom

Nikki the Perfect Little Guest by TeaPhotography  And Many More Wishes to Come by TeaPhotography  Sunshine on My Shoulders by TeaPhotography

Before The Fall by Trippy4U  An Anachronistic Ride by Trippy4U  Buckets Full Of Love by Trippy4U

I feel purple by VasiDragos  Autumn cat by VasiDragos  Flamingo by VasiDragos

Book. by WannaSimo  White Flowers by WannaSimo  Yellow.. by WannaSimo

Purple Beauty by wingsofdragons  Only You by wingsofdragons  ColorFul by wingsofdragons

Partial Continuity by WTek79  Raging Storm by WTek79  Urban Tetris by WTek79

I love you... by Yancis  Windows 9 (Black Edition)... by Yancis  November, simple November... by Yancis
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:aww: So very lovely of you to do this, so thank you too. I'm feeling very honoured. :tighthug: :-)
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap:
jerychonka's avatar
Thank You for including in this journal! It was a pleasure to write you some birthday wishing! Now, I'd like to wish You Amazing Christmas Time and Happy New Year! :sun:
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap: happy new year to you too!
morningstarskid's avatar
Thank you.....great cast to be with.... ;-) :iconbowplz:   Gracious my friend!! :iconbowplz:
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap:
smallsofthamish's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature. It was a lovely thank you! :hug:
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap:
Destroyer77's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature and the favs :) I hope it was a great birthday too. Nice feature!
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap:
TeaPhotography's avatar
:omg: Oh wow, truly unexpected! :aww:
This is a beautiful feature... I'm humbled to be a part of it. :hug:
I hope your dA celebration was great, the way you deserve! :la:
st2wok's avatar
you are welcome! :clap:
st2wok's avatar
many thanx my dear friend! a beautiful gift, a beautiful photo, a beautiful rose: i think i love you! (but please don't tell it to my wife!!!) :D
LensLove78's avatar
Haha:)so glad you liked it:)(give me her mobile phone number :d)
kpza's avatar
It's a pleasure to see how you considered each post and took the time for creating this..i am touched :') thanks !
st2wok's avatar
you're welcome! i think that even here there are place for human feelings...
TommyPropest-Candler's avatar
Thank You, I appreciate it!
st2wok's avatar
you're welcome; i'm happy you like it!
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