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January 28, 2014
on the horizon by st0ven
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Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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on the horizon

28 colors - made in about 15-18 hours. was for a weekly challenge over at pixeljoint. google image search on crepuscular rays for general reference, no specific reference used.
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DestructionOfBreeds's avatar

That's a wonderful piece, I love this splashed wave, looks so magical 0w0!

dpcdpc11's avatar

Beautiful job!

Sharkfanofthesea's avatar

This......this is beautiful

Pilot94's avatar

Woaah this is beautiful! I love the colours and the aesthetic of it is really calming

LividMarten08's avatar

Like the Gates of Heaven are opening up

verytinysparrow's avatar

I love the colours in this.

CCMillustration's avatar

This is so gud. Congrats!

vilss95's avatar

Beautiful art , great job :rose:

CandiedSnakes's avatar

This is so beautiful. The colors give the image a dreamy feel and make me feel nostalgic. I love this piece

Adam-P-D's avatar

Whoa, this is amazing. Everything is so realistic, and the rays are awesome. I can tell you put a lot of dedication in your projects.

Neelai's avatar

Stunning pixel work!

Moaheya's avatar

Sometimes I hate the science nerd in me. It instantly said: 'waaaait... this iz no photo becorze the rays ov light do not converge on a singal point.' *pout-face*

This is really, really nice work though. I've taken a squillion photos of sunset/sunrise beaches and this makes me feel the cold sand between my toes and smell the salt. And the fact that it's pixels makes me think of incredible cult-classic games.

I really like this a lot.

My science nerd can sod off.

Diegoutetsuma's avatar
Excellent work :D!!
ShoneGold's avatar
Lovely work deserved the DD. +fav
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
niroshido's avatar
Thats an amazing job right there
Karinta's avatar
Whoa that's PIXELS??? I thought it was a legit photo from the thumb. :wow: You have my respect.
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