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More scifi :D

Facebook for sketches and live stream announcements…
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I love the atmosphere you've created!
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Wow, I'd like to be there ;)  Heart 
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Good to hear! :D
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This is great!! i love the concept and the colours work in a  really atmospheric way :D
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Just stunning. Great work.
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We have just launched the second edition of Illustrafuturs Award on illustration about Future.


Participation is easy: send your illustration about how you imagine the Earth in the Future to  Illustra Futurs (using the form web) and later send it by email ( in A2 format (300 dpi). Deadline: 31th July 2015.


You can also send an illustration that you have already done (related with future).

Awards: 3 Wacom tablets (Cintiq 13HD), 1 masterclass and the participation in an exhibition at Cosmocaixa Barcelona (during some months).


More information:…

We're also on Facebook:


Best Regards,

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Some epic stuff :)
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I can feel the mist in the air.
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Takes the love of guns to a whole other dimension, but even so nice work. 
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Words can't express my love for this piece. 
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"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
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Haha yeah, thanks!
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HA! So U *DID* C wut I did dere!
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