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Mgr 40.4

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A mp40/Stg44 hybrid made into a bullpup, Inspired by wolfenstein new order concept art. Ill be attempting to do this in 3d, will see how that goes and maybe some soldier concepts with this gun.
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That's some Wolfenstein tier stuff
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Looks amazing, although I don't really get the name, the Germans didn't name the Machinegewehr 34, Mgr 34, nor did they call the Fallschirmjägergewehr 42, Fgr 42. but that's just me nitpicking, Great job.
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Awesome design, thank you!
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Awesome modified StG-44
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I could easily see this as a paratrooper rifle, a successor to the FG-42 if you will. The build is solid and compact, while the bullpup mechanism shortens the weapon.
Some sort of rail system on top, or some other way to put on additional sights, and an optional foregrip or suppressor could even expand its range of usability.

Overall, a neat gun. But there is a small gripe: The sights look a bit uncomfortable, and while the sight in the front is fine, the one in the back could be a bit more to the front. A soldier trying to aim with it would have a hard time lining them up properly. Moving the sights slightly before the pistol grip would work wonders.

Still, impresive work.
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Thanks! Yeah looking back at it there are so many questionable decisions, especially regarding the sights and the grip area. The strange thing is that in the sketch for this gun i had the sights in a much more comfortable position in front of the grip, i guess back then i lost sight and moved the sights back for some reason.
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If I can get ahold of some better machining tools I'll probably try to build this!
(If that's okay with you of course)
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Good concept but qestion what round does it fire the standard kruz round as did the MKB42,STG44/43 and the ST45 or something elts 
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I'd probably use the 8mm kurz
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Sure go ahead, would love to see the final result :)
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It'll be a while, work and school are kinda getting in the way, but I'll let you know when I start working on it and send progress pictures!
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How is it going? did you manage to start building it?
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I'm still gathering the tooling
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Now that's awesome
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yyyyyyyyeeeesss,  a million times yes
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FG 42 vibe much? LOVED IT!

Do you mind if I use similar stock in one of my guns? (No hard feelings, I would even make a reference to you if you might like)
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Sure go ahead :)
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I :love: that bullpup. It is quite interesting to have a WW2 bullpup. If it were mine, I would kill zombified/cyberized/mutated Nazis while mantling or sliding.
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Ahahaha good to hear! :D
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:thanks: you. I like Wolfenstein weapons and WW2 ones anyway.
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Is this for the spacereich to battle spaceamerica on the moon with?
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Yeah could be, although would need some cleaner sci-fi shapes then :)
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That's pretty convincing.  Mauser and friends were actually starting to develop bullpup designs by the time the war ended but not as we know them.  the prototypes i saw pics of had side mags. 

It seems like zeh germanz wanted to gradually move the location of the mag and action aft. they saw what the UK did, what Bergmann did, what the Swiss did, and came up with the FG42.  Later they had said prototypes.  Had they won the war, I suspect it would have been them not the UK who would go on to invent the first mag-fed vertical mag bullpup rifle and a lot sooner than the Brits did.

A lot of fanciful what-if ww2 concept art tends to make weapons and other things too showy but you got it right.  this is nicely understated.
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